[2023] US Visa Application Fees – How Much Does a US Visa Cost?

A US visa is official permission for non-US citizens to travel to the United States of America for tourism, employment, business, study or to join a family member or friend. Visa holders can enter, travel and stay within the US for a short or indefinite period of time or settle permanently. Applicants need to fill a visa application form, submit the required documents and pay the visa application fee to book an appointment with the US Embassy in India. US visa application fees, documentation and interview questions vary depending on the type of US visa you are applying for. 

US Visa Application Fee 2021: An Overview
US Visa Application Fee

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US visa application fees in Indian Rupees 2023

As per the US immigration laws, all visa applicants, including children, are required to pay a visa application fee to obtain a visa for the US. The US visa application fee must be paid by all applicants whether they get a visa or not. The application fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. The fee amount varies based on the type of visa you apply for, for example US tourist visa fees vary from the fee payable for an H1B visa

The following table lists visa application fees associated with each nonimmigrant visa type. 

Visa typeDescriptionFee amount (in USD)Fee amount (in INR)
BBusiness/ Tourist$160Rs. 10880.00
C-1Transit$160Rs. 10880.00
DShip/ Airline Crew$160Rs. 10880.00
ETreaty Trade/ Investor, Australian Professional Speciality$205Rs. 18360.00
FStudent (academic)$160Rs. 10880.00
HTemporary/ Seasonal Workers and Employment, Trainees$190Rs. 12920.00
IJournalist and Media$160Rs. 10880.00
JExchange Visitor$160Rs. 10880.00
KFiance(e) or Spouse of US Citizen$265Rs. 16320.00
LIntracompany Transferees$190Rs. 12920.00
MStudent (vocational)$160Rs. 10880.00
OPersons with Extraordinary Ability$190Rs. 12920.00
PAthletes, Artists & Entertainers$190Rs. 12920.00
QInternational Cultural Exchange$190Rs. 12920.00
RReligious Worker$190Rs. 12920.00
TN/TDNAFTA* Professionals$160Rs. 10880.00
Visa types and application fee amounts

Please note: The fee is applicable to nonimmigrant visas only 

*NAFTA stands for North American Free Trade Agreement

Exchange Rate

ParticularsRate/ validity
Current consular exchange rateINR 74.49 = 1 USD
Current rate valid through—–
Exchange rate

Visa types with no fee required

The following travelers don’t need to pay US visa application fees to visit the United States of America:

  • Individuals applying for A, C-2, C-3, G visa categories, NATO, and diplomatic visas.
  • J visa holders and individuals who are participating in certain US Government-sponsored cultural and educational programs. 
  • Machine-readable visa to be replaced within one year of visa issuance because the original visa was not properly affixed or the visa needs to be reissued through no fault of the applicant. 
  • Members or staff of an observer mission to United Nations Headquarter recognized by the UN General Assembly, and their immediate family members don’t have to pay US visa application fees under the international agreements. 
  • Individuals traveling to the US to provide certain charitable services. 
  • US Government employees on official visits. 
  • A family member (spouse, a parent, sibling or child) of a US Government employee killed or critically injured in the line of duty, who is traveling the US for final rites or urgent treatment of the employee. 

Other fees

Certain visa applicants may have to pay additional fees for obtaining a nonimmigrant US visa as under:

Fee typeAmount
Nonimmigrant visa issuance feeBased on reciprocity
SEVIS fee– Applicant with Form I-20: $350
– Applicant with Form DS-2019: $220 
Blanket L fee– Fraud prevention and detection: $500- Biometric entry-exit: $4,500
Border crossing card fee$160
Other fees for US visas
  • Nonimmigrant visa issuance fees: Applicants from certain countries are required to pay a visa issuance fee after their application is approved. The fee is based on ‘reciprocity’ i.e. it is applicable in the same manner as another country charges a US citizen for a similar type of visa. The fees are charged only for the citizens of a country that imposes these fees on US citizens for certain types of visas. 
  • SEVIS fees: The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) tracks F, M and J visa holders from the date they receive initial documents until the visa holders graduate/ leave the course. In addition to the US visa application fees, you will need to pay separate SEVIS fees. For students with Form I-20, SEVIS fee will be $350; for exchange visitors with Form DS-2019, the fee will be $220.
  • Blanket L fee: Individuals applying for Blanket L visa will have to pay additional fees as under:
    • Fraud prevention and detection fee of $500
    • Biometric entry-exit fee of $4,500
  • Border crossing card fee: $160

US visa application fee payment options

You can pay the US visa application fees using any of the following methods:

  • National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT)
  • Payment by mobile phone
  • Payment at Axis Bank/ Citibank

National Electronic Funds Transfer

Visa applicants can use the NEFT payment system to pay their nonimmigrant MRV (Machine-Readable Visa) fees. They can directly transfer the fee from their account. NEFT payment is possible through a bank branch or online banking. 

Note: Make sure you delete the account details from the payee list once the visa payment is successful to avoid any kind of fraud in the future. 

Payment by mobile phone

You can also make MRV fee payments via your mobile phone using the IMPS system. You must be registered with your bank and have a valid MPIN to pay the visa fee. Payment of visa fee should be in Indian Rupee (INR) and must be the exact same amount as listed on the payment confirmation screen. You need to enter correct details including beneficiary name, MMID number and correct amount. Once the payment has been accepted, you will receive an SMS including the 12-digit IMPS reference number. 

Payment at Axis Bank/ Citibank

You can pay US tourist visa fees or other US visa fees in cash at any of the designated Axis Bank or Citibank branches. Print and carry the applicable US visa fee collection slip you will get after logging into your profile to the bank. Once the payment is completed, the bank will give you a receipt. Value of the payment will be shown in USD, though the payment is payable in Indian Rupees at the current Consular Exchange rate. 

Types of nonimmigrant US visa

Visa types vary based on the intended visit of a visa applicant to the US, for example an H1B visa is issued for individuals working in a specialty occupation and a B2 visa is a US tourist visa. Here are the types of nonimmigrant US visa:

Nonimmigrant US Visa typePurpose
A visaForeign government servants and diplomats
A1/ G-1/ NATO 1-6 visaVisa renewal for A, G and NATO categories
A2/ NATO 1-6 visaForeign military officers posted in the US
B1 visa– Amateur and professional athletes
– Business visitors
– Nannies or domestic servants
B2 visa– Visitors for medical treatment
– Visitors for pleasure, vacation
C visaTransit in the US
D visaCrew members serving on aircrafts/ sea vessels
E1 visaTreaty traders
E2 visaTreaty investors
E3 visaAustralian workers- professionals and specialty workers 
F1 visaLanguage and academic students
F2 visaDependents of F-1 visa holders
G1-G5/ NATO visaEmployees of designated international organization and NATO
H1B visaPeople working in specialty occupations that require highly specialized knowledge
H1B/ J1 visaPhysicians
H1B1 visaFree Trade Agreement (FTA) professionals of Chile and Singapore
H1C visaFor nurses to visit the areas with a shortage of healthcare staff
H2A visaTemporary agricultural workers
H2B visaTemporary non-agricultural workers
H3 visaNon-employment training programs
H4 visaDependents of H visa holders
I visaMedia, journalists or their representative
J visaExchange visitors
J1 visa– Exchange visitors
– Au-pairs 
– Exchange visitors
– Professors, scholars and teachers
J2 visaSpouse and children aged below 21 of J-1 visa holder
K1 visaFinance
L visaIntra company transferees 
M1 visaStudents – vocational
M2 visaDependents of M-1 visa holders
O1 visaForeign citizens with extraordinary skills in the field of art, science, business, athletics, etc. 
P visaAthletes, entertainers and artists 
R visaReligious workers
T1 visaHuman trafficking victims 
TN/TD visaNAFTA professional workers- Canada, Mexico
U1 visaCriminal activity victims
Nonimmigrant US visa types

How to check my visa status

You can check your US visa status online through CEAC Visa Status Check portal, using the case number or CEAC barcode on the Form DS-160 confirmation page.

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What are the US visa fees in India Rupees 2022?

The US visa fees in Indian Rupees in 2022 range from Rs. 12160.00 ($160) to Rs. 20140.00 ($265). For example, a US tourist visa fee is Rs. 12160.00 and a visa for the Fiancé(e) or Spouse of U.S. Citizen will cost Rs. 20140.00.  

Note: US visa fees in Indian Rupees are subject to the current conversion rate.   

How much does a US work visa cost? 

A US work visa cost i.e. H visa fee in Indian Rupees is Rs. 14440.00 ($190), which is subject to the current exchange rate.  

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