What is a GWF number on the UK visa application form?

What is a GWF number?

GWF (Global Web Form) number is a unique serial number or reference number that is issued when you first apply for a UK visa. You can get it from your online appointment record like on emails, or letters from the Home Office about your UK visa application. You get the number as soon as you make the payment and submit the application online. If you don’t apply for a visa online, your details are pending in the immigration system and you will need the GWF number to book an appointment. 

What is a GWF number on the UK visa application form?
GWF number on the UK visa application form

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Hence to set up an appointment with the GWF, you need to start the online application. Fill out the pages of the online application, click save and get printouts. Until you click on ‘Save’, your application doesn’t exist on the database and is not issued a number. You will get a GWF number. Write down the GWF number, password and email address you used as you will need them to log into the site again to complete the form.   

How to track the visa status with a GWF number?

You need to share your GWF number to check the status of your visa application with the UK visa service centre via SMS or email. The UK visa and Immigration department won’t be able to give you an update on your visa status without a GWF given at the time of submission. 

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How can I know whether my visa application has been approved?

You will get a letter or an email carrying the result of your visa application. 

If your application is successful:

You will receive either:

  • A sticker (called a vignette) that will be in your passport – if you shared your biometric information at a visa application centre.
  • Access to see your immigration status details online, if you proved your identity using the smartphone app. 

The vignette or online immigration status information will let you see:

  • Type of visa you have been granted (for example, UK travel visa)
  • Validity dates of your visa (start date and end date)
  • The conditions of your visa

If your visa application is refused

  • Your passport will be returned if it was submitted as a part of your visa application. 
  • The refusal letter will explain if you have the right to an administrative review or immigration decision appeal.  

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