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A Fintech Company
helping NRIs solve their India related tasks
Backed by Strong team

A celebrated start up launched by Ex-entrepreneurs, Ex- NRI Bankers and backed by VCs

Transparency at its core

A banking marketplace for
NRIs ensuring complete transparency

We provide

24*7 support for all your queries in India

NRI Banking for future generation

We worked with banks to make your life faster and easier

With our partner Wise (Formerly Transferwise) NRIs around the world can transfer money to India at a low cost digitally and quickly

Book FD and open your account in one process

Choose a plan that works for you

Bharat Plan (Popular among NRIs)

  • Complete Banking in India - $49
  • Complete Investment Planning in India - $175
  • Complete Taxation in India - $175
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Banking in India

  • Existing NRI banking queries (Query dependent)
  • Home loan advice, assistance, and processing with the appropriate bank - $19
  • Assistance and execution on New NRI account opening and FDs (Right bank based on process, interest rates) - $19
  • Credit Card - $19
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Investment Planning in India

  • Set up of Trading, Demat account - $49
  • Stock advisory(additional charges) - $99
  • Goal based planning - Retirement Planning/ marriage/ start investing etc - $149
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Complete Taxation in India

  • Annual Tax filing & TDS Refund - $69
  • Tax compliances on Buying/Selling property (Query dependent)
  • Regulatory filing for Fund-Transfer from NRO to NRE/ Repatriation of Funds - $69
  • Capital Gain Tax Planning - $59
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Real Estate in India

  • Property Management in India (Buying/Selling/Renting) - $149
  • Property documentation - $49
  • Power of Attorney and inheritance (Additional charges - Property dependent)
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Global Taxation (UK)

  • Taxation filing for UK and India combined
  • Any other UK/India Tax Query (Additional Charge)
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Global Taxation (US)

  • Taxation filing for US and India combined
  • Any other US/India Tax Query (Additional Charge)
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