NRI Investment

Investments in India for an NRI holds immense potential. NRI Investment encompasses a plethora of investment vehicles that most of the people are unaware of. There is this huge range of opportunities where NRIs can invest and generate lucrative returns.

Let’s glance through the basic segregation here:

  • NRI Bank Accounts: Open an NRE, NRO or FCNR Bank Account and earn tax-free interest on your deposits (for NRE & FCNR)
  • Investment in various Asset Classes: Most of the asset classes like Mutual Funds, Stocks, Portfolio Management Services, National Pension Scheme, etc. are available for NRIs to invest money in and earn maximum profits
  • Real Estate: Real Estate is another investment tool for NRIs in India with a great return on investment (ROI)
  • Gold Investments: Gold is another investment tool in India. It is an excellent choice given the rate of growth in the prices over the years. You can choose from a variety of options such as physical gold, Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Gold Bonds etc.
  • Insurance: Insurance is another investment tool in India, especially for NRIs. Everyone must get insurance as a part of Financial Planning

Financial Planning in India: An Approach

Mrs. Shruti Agarwal (CFA, Co-Founder of CAGRFunds) iterates: There are 3 fundamentals of Financial Planning:

She stresses on the importance of managing these three pillars of financial planning. NRI Investment in India must be targeted at either or all of these approaches. There is a need to have an emergency fund to tackle emergencies which should generally be three times of your salary. A Health Insurance to battle the risks of accidents one might encounter and Investments to multiply funds by generating better returns.

NRI Investment in India: An Outlook

Investments in India by an NRI can be looked upon as a gesture to secure the future and aim at a happy life after retirement. Most NRIs go ahead with investments with a vision to create a corpus. This fund can be for any reason suited to the NRI such as their children’s marriage, education, etc. or maybe to take a world tour.

Investments are also done in kinds, such as real estate, gold etc. Objectives can fluctuate between liquidity or greater returns on investments. The diversification that investments in India provide ranges widely in all major financial sectors. With time, NRIs have gained easy and convenient access to these opportunities and with the help of market experts, tremendous returns can be garnered.

In this category, you will find questions and articles spanning all the way around investments in India for an NRI. With the incessant growth of NRI Investment in India, it is necessary that an NRI knows about every option there is to experiment and extract benefits from.

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NRI Investment in India: 10 Investment Options for NRIs in India 2023

NRI Investment in India: 10 Investment Options for NRIs in India 2023


With everything going around in the world considering COVID-19 and related factors, NRIs are in a fix right now considering investment in India. Some are looking for repatriation programs like the Vande Bharat Mission to come back to India while others are trying to manage their jobs and lifestyles both abroad and in India. In all of this, one thing is running constantly which is the doubt revolving around NRI investment in India and the search for the best investment options in India for an NRI is trending currently. In this article, we will explore the 5 best investment options for NRIs in India in present times.