Schengen Visa Travel Insurance Requirements

The Schengen visa is wonderful because it allows access to so many European countries. The Schengen visa countries are renowned for their beauty and popularity amongst visitors. The Schengen visa requires the traveler to get travel insurance. We have listed the Schengen visa travel insurance requirements below. 

Schengen Visa Travel Insurance Requirements
Schengen Visa Travel Insurance Requirements

Schengen Travel Insurance Requirements 

  • It must cover a minimum of €30,000 for medical expenses
  • It must cover all 26 countries in the Schengen area
  • It must cover your full stay in Europe

Schengen Visa Requires Travel Insurance 

The embassy will ask you for proof of Schengen travel insurance when you go to get a Shengen visa. This is normally known as a “travel insurance certificate” and the insurance company will give it to you. 

Schengen Travel Insurance Plan Coverage 

The Schengen Travel Insurance Should Cover:

The cost of medical treatment. This should cover the following:

  • In – patient and out – patient medical treatment
  • Doctor Visits
  • Hospitalization
  • Surgery
  • Prescription Medication
  • Emergency Dental Care 

Cost of Repatriation or Evacuation:

The insurance should cover the cost If you fall seriously sick or have a big accident and you need to get to your home country for treatment.  The insurance must cover the cost of repatriation for medical purposes or even in the case of death. 

What Else is Covered by my Travel Insurance Policy ?

  • Assistance during illness
  • Trip Cancellation
  • Flight Delay
  • Loss/Theft of baggage
  • Personal Liability Abroad

What is not Covered by my Travel Insurance Policy ?

  • Medical treatment for a pre-existing condition such as diabetes, cancer or any ongoing previous injuries
  • Non – emergency medical treatment
  • Medical attention required due to intoxication caused by alcohol or drug consumption 
  • Medication attention required due to adventurous or extreme sports such as bungee jumping or motor racing. 
  • Medical attention due to a natural disaster
  • Travelling to a high risk area (where there is conflict, political unrest, an epidemic etc).

How to Purchase Insurance 

  1. Go to the company website. 
  2. Locate the “Get a Quote” or “Start Now” button 
  3. Fill out the online application form 
  4. Select which plan you want 
  5. Make the payment 
  6. Download and print insurance certificate. 

Additional Ways 

  • Through a local insurance company
  • Through a tour agency 

What is the Cost of Schengen Travel Insurance ?

The cost of insurance depends on three main areas:

  1. Age: The cost of the insurance policy rises along with age. Older people, particularly over the age of 60, pay higher premiums than someone who is younger for the same insurance plan. 
  2. The length of the trip: The longer your length of stay, the costlier your policy will be. 
  3. Maximum Coverage Limit: Health insurance of €30,000 coverage will cost less than a plan with €100,000 or more.

How does Travel Insurance Work ?

  1. The hospital sends the bill to the insurance company
  2. You pay the bill, then you make a claim and the insurance company reimburses you. 

What if my Schengen Visa is Refused ?

If your Schengen visa is refused, several companies will refund your policy. Not all insurance companies will refund you. 

Best Schengen Travel Insurance 

Companies that provide the best:

  • MondialCare
  • AXA Schengen
  • Europ Assistance 
  • Bupa
  • Allianz
  • Insubuy

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Ask Indian Friend Now


Should I purchase Schengen health insurance if I have domestic insurance ?

Yes you should. Domestic insurance only covers you in the country where it is bought. So if you are traveling to the Schengen area  you will have to get insurance for that. 

Does Schengen medical insurance cover me for countries outside of the Schengen area ?

No. It normally does not. You will have to get separate insurance for that. 

Will I get Covid -19 coverage if I buy Schengen visa travel insurance ?

If you visit a place with travel bans or that has a high number of Covid-19 infections, most insurance companies will not cover you for this. 

Is Schengen travel insurance mandatory for a Schengen Visa ?

Yes it is. You must show proof of purchase of travel insurance when you apply for the visa. 

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