Why Tuvalu is an Incredible Travel Destination

Situated in the Pacific Ocean, the remote island of Tuvalu is considered one of the least-visited travel destinations in the world. But its beautiful beaches and stilt houses are too wonderful to overlook.

Tuvalu stretches only 26 square kilometers and is one of the smallest countries. The island of Tuvalu is an Incredible Travel Destination in the world – be it due to its natural exquisiteness or cultural significance.

Tuvalu is one of those dreamy islands in the South Pacific where in principle we all would like to retreat or go into hiding from the world during a holiday.

This island in South Pacific is truly everything that you envisage beyond an off-beat destination. Mostly untouched, this group of 9 islands appears much like paradise on Earth.

Untouched and uncommercialized Places to Visit are difficult to luck into, particularly in our time. So, you should take a trip to Tuvalu before this tiny oasis far-off from the world vanishes as the rise in the ocean level because of climate change makes it a thing of the past. This place is worth visiting. Here we will give you 6 reasons why Tuvalu is an Incredible Travel Destination in the world.

Why Tuvalu is an Incredible Travel Destination
Why Tuvalu is an Incredible Travel Destination Image Source: istockphoto.com

Awe-Inspiring Landscape

Formerly clustered as a part of the Ellice Islands, this island nation is found in the Polynesian subregion of Oceania and comes down somewhere between Hawaii and Australia.

The country of Tuvalu encompasses three reef islands and six atolls or ring-shaped coral reefs. The chief atoll is the capital Funafuti, a thin stretch of coral reef, decorated by the blue ocean water, surrounding a lagoon. Funafuti has the only airport on the island, lined with coconut palms. The majority of the population living here are Polynesians.

Tuvalu presents some of the most immaculate beaches, without the typical crowds and noise. You can devote your time sprawling in the hommocks by the seaside or even observe flying fish glide in the water.

Tuvalu Bestows Peace of Mind

Tuvalu truly is a remote archipelago. You cannot find it on a map with the naked eye because of its area of only 26 km². It is one of the 4 countries that form Polynesia, which is made up of numerous islands. It is a great place to be unable to remember the sorrows. One of the tiniest and most isolated countries in the world but with a serene and uncrowded setting, because the population of Tuvalu is no more than 11,792, as per the last census accomplished in 2020 by the United Nations.

Splendid Tradition And Culture

Why Tuvalu is an Incredible Travel Destination- Splendid Tradition And Culture
Why Tuvalu is an Incredible Travel Destination- Splendid Tradition And Culture

It was because of the Europeans, who navigated to Tuvalu in the 16th century that the island was included on the world map. Afterward, in the 19th century, it also turned out to be part of the British colony. Nevertheless, it is the Polynesians, who are regarded as the original occupants of the nation. Fascinatingly, the non-commercialized surroundings of the island have helped inhabitants maintain their traditions and culture to a great extent. Tourists can catch sight of their traditional way of living on islands such as Funafuti. Their indigeneity spreads up to their residences made of palm fronds, home cuisine, and sports as well.

Homemade Cuisine

Why Tuvalu is an Incredible Travel Destination- Homemade Cuisine
Why Tuvalu is an Incredible Travel Destination- Homemade Cuisine Image Source: toplist.info

Coconut makes up a staple in traditional Tuvalu food in addition to the range of fish located in the oceans.  Pulaka, prepared from banana, coconut, and breadfruit), coconut crab, and pork are among its traditional dishes.

Tuvalu may be considered pretty isolated, but the island is not inaccessible. You can avail of Fiji Airways or Air Pacific, once and twice a week respectively, to fly to the island. Moreover, there are several high-quality guest houses and hotels available here. And communication is not a problem because one of the official languages of the island is English.

Excellent Hospitality And Cordiality of The Inhabitants

Those who have got the chance to take a trip to Tuvalu emphasize the hospitality and cordiality of its inhabitants. The population of Tuvalu is extremely small but they are exceptionally friendly individuals and they receive holidaymakers with open arms. When you see them on the street, every time they will welcome you with a smile.

If you want to learn about the Polynesian culture, you should go to the Women’s Craft Center – a location where they put up for sale crafts and many women’s accessories like necklaces, bracelets, rings, anklets, and lovely earrings, made with various ingredients from the island, perfect for souvenirs. This culture upholds an exclusive social organization.

Furthermore, you will be enjoyably surprised by the music named Fatele and its old-style dances with flowers and colorful skirts.

Arriving is an Adventure

Why Tuvalu is an Incredible Travel Destination- Arriving is an Adventure
Why Tuvalu is an Incredible Travel Destination- Arriving is an Adventure Image Source: diepresse.com

Going to Tuvalu is not so stress-free but it is very thrilling after knowing its situation. The lone airport, placed in the capital, is linked to Suva in the Fiji Islands. The pilots humorously remark that the island is so tiny it seems that you will land in the middle of the ocean.

The duration of the flight between Fiji and Tuvalu is about two hours. You don’t have to be anxious about the Tuvalu language. You can communicate very well If you speak English.

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Ask Indian Friend Now

What makes Tuvalu so special?

Tuvalu is one of the tiniest countries in the world. The country has only 26 square kilometers of land, rendering it to be the third smallest country after Monaco and Nauru.

Why should you visit Tuvalu?

Here you will get the chance to dive or snorkel in the wonderful lake with the coral reef as the chief draw. You cannot overlook this lovely seabed, with lots of amazing colors and marine fauna that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Is Tuvalu a beautiful country?

Situated between Hawaii and Australia in the Polynesian subregion of Oceania, Tuvalu boasts only one airport, placed at its capital Funafuti. The beaches of Tuvalu are never overcrowded and so they are charming and serene.

Why is Tuvalu known as the sinking island?

Tuvalu is a tiny island country situated in the Pacific Ocean. It comprises 9 atolls and islands, which are of low and flat grounds having the highest elevation of around 3 meters. Due to contemporary global warming, the sea level is rising and these low-lying islands are thought to be at risk of sinking.

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