Founded By Anil Joshi, Bhaskar Majumdar

Unicorn India Ventures

Past Return

9x in 7 years

Deal live till

30th April, 2023

Investment Theme

Tech-led B2C & B2B businesses

Famous funded startups:

Open Financial, Smartcoin, Finin, Fairplum, Inc42, Genrobotics

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100X Entrepreneur

Past Return

3x in 18 months

Deal live till

20th March

Investment Theme

Second time founders in SaaS space with ARR >$1 Mn

Famous funded startups:

Zenduty, Logiq, Spotdraft, Adloids, Zapscale, Slang Labs, CloudSEK, Goodmeetings

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Gemba Capital

Past Return

3.5x in 24 months

% Subscribed

90 %

Investment Theme

Fintech, Consumertech, SaaS & Deeptech

Famous funded startups:

Airmeet, Plum, SleepyCat, Grip Invest, WintWealth, SureClaim

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Why Invest in Start-up Funds ?

Early Entry

Get equity in start-ups at an early stage

Diversified Portfolio

Invest in multiple assets to limit exposure. Start-ups give exposure to high-risk, high-return asset

Niche Market

Access to sectors not available in the public market - SaaS/ Fintech/ Deeptech/ Consumertech

100x Return Potential

Access to tomorrow’s Flipkart, Ola, Airbnb, Stripe... today

Who should Invest in Micro VC Fund?

NRIs with investable capital of more than Rs. 2 Cr, willing to hold for 4-6 years and looking for higher returns

Gains taxed at:

  • Short-Term Gains at tax slab in India
  • Long-Term Gains at 20% with indexation or at 10% without indexation
    • Long-Term gain, if held for more than 3 years. Otherwise Short-Term gain
    • Indexation means adjustment for inflation

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