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What is the definition of an NRI?

answered on 18/03/2020

An NRI or Non Resident Indian is an Indian Citizen living outside India for a minimum of 183 days in 1 financial year for the purpose of employment, business or vocation (occupation for which an individual is trained). 


Indian Citizens who have gone out or are staying abroad for some other purpose with an intention to stay outside India for an uncertain period (job or assignments where you don’t know when you will return to India) can also be termed as NRIs.


What is the definition of an NRI?


Other Specifications of an NRI (For people related to government and its associated organisations):

  • Citizens of India who are working abroad on assignments for foreign agencies of government like United Nations Organization (UNO) or its affiliates, World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF) etc.
  • Officials who are deputed outside India on temporary assignments or official postings belonging to Central/State Government or any Public Sector Undertaking
  • Officials deputed on Indian Diplomatic Missions abroad are also considered NRIs

Other Definitions

NRI Status Eligibility

In order to become an NRI, there are certain criteria one must fulfill, which are as follows:


1. A citizen of India must stay overseas for 183 days or more in one financial year.

2. If a citizen of India stays in India for less than 365 days in the last 4 years from the year of assessment and less than 60 days during the year being tested for eligibility.


(For example: In order to become an NRI for 2019, you must stay in India for less than 60 days in 2019 and less than 365 days in the total time span of 2014-2018)


NRI Status Calculator

You can calculate your stay in India and figure out whether you are eligible for the NRI Status or not. To know more about how to calculate your status, click here.


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