BPL Full Form: Below Poverty Line Classification

What is the full form of BPL?

The full form of BPL is the Below Poverty Line, a benchmark used by the Government of India to identify lower-income households and individuals who need government assistance to fulfill basic requirements. Parameters that are used to determine the BPL people vary from state to state and on a country basis these parameters are set by IMF (International Monetary Fund). Individuals whose earnings are lower than the threshold are listed as BPL. 

BPL Full Form: Below Poverty Line Classification
BPL Full Form

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History of BPL

  • In 1962, the planning commission proposed a minimum amount of expenditure to live life in rural communities as Rs. 20 a day per person and Rs. 25 per person in urban areas, provided the healthcare and schooling expenses are to be paid by the state government. 
  • After 1970, the benchmark was changed for BPL level a daily minimum income of Rs. 49.1 and Rs. 56.7 for rural and urban areas respectively. 
  • In 1993, a panel of experts split the definition of aggregate poverty line state-wise. In which the poverty line of each state was specified separately. 
  • In 2012, the rate of poverty line reached Rs. 972 and Rs. 1,407 in rural and urban India respectively. In the same year, 29.5 percent of the Indian population was estimated to live below the poverty line.  
  • In 2014, the Rangarajan Panel said that approximately 454 million people were living in extreme poverty in the country. 

Criteria defining BPL

While it may vary from state to state, generally the following parameters are used to determine the BPL:

  • House type
  • Infant status
  • Landholding
  • Consumer durables
  • Food security
  • Literacy status
  • Sanitization
  • Clothes, etc. 

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