Frequently Asked Questions about Business Visa

International travel is a common purpose for business trips because of its importance in other nations. As a result, a quick and simple method to arrange a business trip is usually helpful. However, before applying for an Indian visa, there are several queries that every individual has regarding the visa application. Are you worried about visa formalities? To help you solve your questions, we have brought a list of frequently asked questions about business visa.

Frequently Asked Questions about Business Visa
Frequently Asked Questions about Business Visa

Fortunately, to reduce your hassle, India is one of the nations that has begun granting electronic or e-visas to people of 160 different states. From the comfort of their own homes, businesspeople from nearly 160 countries may now apply for an electronic Indian Business Visa.

Frequently Asked Questions about Business Visa

Following are some most frequently asked questions about business visa. Find your questions with their solutions below.

What is an Indian Business Visa?

Business Visa is granted to an international national who wants to visit India to make an industrial/business venture or explore possibilities to establish an industrial/business venture or purchase/sell industrial products in India. This visa is granted subject to the following conditions:-

1. An applicant is a person of assured financial standing and expertise in the field of the intended business.

2. The applicant is not visiting India for money lending or petty trading or a full-time job in India involving a paid salary in India.

3. It will also extend the facility of Business Visas to senior executives of firms, experts, tour conductors, travel agents, etc., if you are visiting India in connection with work related to projects of national importance. Including those undertaken by public sector undertakings, conducting business tours of foreigners or work relating to it, etc.

4. A foreigner will have to comply with all other requirements like payment of tax liabilities etc.

5. The availability of a Business Visa is subject to any guidance issued by the Government of India based on reciprocity with other foreign countries from time to time.

6. The Business Visa must be provided from the state of origin or the home country of a foreigner provided the period of permanent residence of that applicant in that particular country is for more than two years.

How long is a business visa valid for?

According to the circumstances, a Business Visa with multiple entry privileges may be issued for up to five years or for a shorter time. There may be a stay restriction for each visit by the Indian Mission.

When I get an e-business visa, how long can I stay in India with it?

You are permitted to stay in India for a total of 180 days during the year that your electronic Indian Business Visa is valid. It can be done in a single extended stay or stretched out over an infinite number of shorter journeys as a multiple entry visa.

What are the documents required to apply for a business visa?

To get a business visa, you must provide the following papers.

●      The foreign nationals must show that they have a valid travel document and that they have permission to come back into the country where they live.

●      An indication of financial stability and experience in the planned business industry is required.

●      Evidence of company registration, such as a certificate of incorporation issued by a state industry department or an export promotion council, or any other recognized promotional body in the relevant field of business or industry, as well as any other papers relevant to the proposed business activity.

What can I do with my business visa in India?

If you have an Indian Business visa, you can use it:

●      To sell, buy, or exchange

●      To participate in technical and business discussions.

●      To establish a commercial or industrial enterprise.

●      To take people on tours

●      Giving a speech as part of the Global Initiative for Academic Networks (GIAN).

●      To bring in new employees.

●      Attending exhibitions and expos.

How can I get an Indian business visa?

Online business visas for India are available to nationals of over 160 countries. Tourists are not needed to travel to an embassy or consulate to apply for a visa.

Business travellers can apply up to 120 days before their trip and submit their request at least four business days before departure.

As part of the basic e-Visa requirements in India, business travellers must also provide a letter or business card and answer a few questions about the firms they’re visiting.

The applicant receives an e-mail confirming receipt of the India business visa upon approval.

Do I have to apply for a separate process for a group business visa to India for attending a trade expo?

In order to expedite the visa procedure for a group of businessmen travelling (Business Exhibition/Business Seminars/Business conferences) to India for a trade show, exhibition, conference, or seminar, it is recommended that you send a list of all participants in this format to our email at least 45 days before their intended visit date, along with your visa applications, documents, and passports (or copies thereof).

Families of foreign nationals on business visas visiting India may apply for which type of visa?

It is possible for family members of foreigners who are given “Business visa” visas to obtain x visas under the standard security checks if they meet all other requirements. When a visa is given to an individual, it must be valid until the end of their primary visa or a shorter period as the Indian Mission considers reasonable.

How can I apply for a business visa or a work visa?

You may obtain an application form for a Business Visa or an Employment Visa from the Indian Embassy in your country via the Indian Embassy’s website.

The applicant may contact the Indian Mission concerned or the Joint Secretary (CPV), Ministry of External Affairs on the email address if they have any difficulties getting a visa.

Can I convert my business visa to any other type of visa?

Only in exceptional circumstances would a business visa be converted to a different kind of visa.

Please refer to the Indian visa policy guidelines on this page for information on converting a business visa to another type of visa.

Can I get the grant on the extension of stay if have a business visa?

As long as the business visa is granted for less than five years by Indian Missions, you can extend it for five more years.

In case the gross sales or turnover from the business activities for which a foreigner has been granted a Visa is not less than Rs.1 crore per year. It is the amount of money the business makes each year (to be achieved within two years of setting up the business or date of the initial grant of B visa, whichever is earlier).

In other cases, if you want to extend your visa, you’ll have to show proof that you’re doing business or consulting. The FRRO / FRO in charge of the business visa can extend it for another year. If you want to extend your business visa for more than five years, you can’t do it for more than that period.

Additional Tips from SBNRI

●      When you apply, you must choose the Indian Mission (consulate) closest to you.

●      When applying for a visa, you will see a temporary application ID at the top of the page. If you apply for jobs, you must remember to keep this ID. If you don’t, your information could be lost.

●      Depending on the type of visa, Indian visas can last anywhere from 6 months to 10 years.

●      After you have given answers to all of the questions, you will double-check your answers on the last page. If you made a mistake, now is the time to fix it. Print out the application on two pages, sign both pages with your name, and then send.

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