Summer Wear Ideas For Indians in Nigeria

While New York and Paris may be known as the world’s fashion capitals, we’re here to tell you a little secret: Lagos is the talk of the fashion industry. Young fashion brands like Maki Oh and Lisa Folawiyo are based in Nigeria’s capital, which also hosts its annual fashion week. On top of everything else, the city is teeming with stylish women who call it home. If any Indians plan to visit Lagos, pack your sunglasses. You may read about each woman’s particular style philosophy and what makes her city’s fashion scene so distinctive below. Just in time for spring in the United States, there won’t be a scarcity of vibrant hues and warm-weather costume inspiration. Before going to the beach, visits signify only one thing: fun! A beach costume is something to think about, whether you’re the kind of person who enjoys playing in the water or the type who prefers to stroll on the beach or capture Instagram-worthy images. The summer wear ideas for Indian in Nigeria are as follows:

Summer Wear Ideas For Indians in Nigeria
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A Denim Skirt And Top or Swimsuit

Put on a light blouse and a sleek, short denim skirt. This outfit is laid-back but still elegant And one of the best summer wear ideas for Indian. You can’t go wrong with this, especially if your trip to the beach doubles as a date. You can also wear this if you’re going to a restaurant after visiting the beach.

Shorts And Button Down Shirt

Summer Wear Ideas For Indians in Nigeria- Shorts And Button Down Shirt
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Many people will not expect to see a formal, traditional button-down shirt on a list of beach attire, yet here we are! Having a button-down shirt gives you access to something airy and light. To and from the beach, you can also wear your button-down shirt. This outfit is also fantastic, And summer wear ideas for Indians outdoor pursuits like sightseeing. To highlight your shorts or skirt, think about tying up your shirt. You can create a vintage-inspired aesthetic by doing this. They are also simple to get into and out of. You will appear stylish yet basic in this approach.

Wear Shorts And a Top

If Indians in Nigeria they. You can encircle your body with a wrap top and a pair of animated shorts. This clothing fits the carefree and joyous vibe of the beach. This appearance is ideal for people with flat stomachs and hot legs who would love to show off more.

Easy-To-Wear Slides, Trousers, And Kimono And Bikini Top

Since kimonos are thin, they make excellent covers for bikini outfits. You can display your other clothing with a kimono while remaining completely covered. This is very useful at the beach to protect you from the midday sun. Add a stylish touch to complete your easy-to-wear slides and loose-fitting pants style.

An Awesome Bag And a Long Maxi Dress

A floor- or ankle-length casual garment is known as a maxi dress. They often have a fitted top and a loose, flowing bottom, giving the body a flowy appearance. A maxi dress has the benefits of being open, airy, and ornate. To complete this unique look, add a great bag.


A sundress is a relaxed, lightweight dress for leisure occasions. It is necessary to have the appropriate attire for beach parties and hangouts.


Jumpsuits are a common sight. On the other hand, a playsuit is a condensed form of a jumpsuit. A playsuit is a fantastic beach attire because it is inexpensive, simple to wear, and breezy while still looking stylish.

Skirt Maxis

Summer Wear Ideas For Indians in Nigeria- Skirt Maxis
Summer Wear Ideas For Indians in Nigeria- Skirt Maxis Image Source:

Maxi skirts are flowy, baggy skirts. These are fantastic for taking pictures and taking strolls along the beach. They are also airy, cozy, and adorable.

Runners And Tank

Joggers are cozy and give off an athletic appearance. Joggers and tank tops are also appropriate for other outdoor activities like sightseeing.

Best Fashion Advice For Indians in Nigeria

  • Although shorts and t-shirts may be frowned upon in Muslim areas (particularly the coast), casual clothing is acceptable in Nigeria.
  • Pack thin, natural layers that are easy to wash and dry since natural textiles like linen, cotton, and bamboo will keep you cool during the hotter hours of the day. Keep to pale, neutral hues, but avoid white (as it will get dirty and dusty quickly).
  • The tsetse flies are attracted to blue and black clothing, and their bite can cause African sleeping sickness. Additionally, it is essential to be informed that wearing or owning anything with an army or battle theme is prohibited.
  • Don’t forget to bring a safari hat or cap to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Wear sunglasses and a lot of sunscreens (we recommend the Riemann P20 range for 10-hour protection). Don’t forget to bring insect and mosquito repellent.
  • Including a packable, multipurpose travel jacket might be a good idea. Because they were created with travel in mind, the line has many storage pockets and fantastic extra features like RFID security and Personal Area Network connectivity.

Sartorial Advice For Ladies

We ladies bring knee-length or longer skirts, loose-fitting pants, and blouses that cover your shoulders. Pack a sarong or two pashminas because they are frequently required to cover your head. These valuable goods have many uses in Nigeria and take up very little space in your backpack. In a knee-length skirt-suit, dress modestly if you are visiting for business.

 Sartorial Advice For Males

Long pants are a wise choice. It is appropriate to wear a light suit and tie if you are here for business.


The southern United States has its rainy season from March to November. A light raincoat is a must if you’re traveling during the north’s rainy season, which lasts from July to September.

A sarong or wrap will be helpful to keep the sand and dust off as the Harmattan wind, which blows from the Sahara during the dry season, originates there.

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Ask Indian Friend Now

What attire do people in Nigeria wear?

Nigerian clothes for men include Buba, fila, Sokoto, abet-Aja, and agbada, while Nigerian clothing for women has Buba, Kaba, iron, nibble.

Who in Nigeria is the wealthiest tailor?

Folawiyo Lisa – Traditional West African textiles combine contemporary tailoring and beaded embellishments in Lisa Folawiyo’s vivid designs.

What fashions are most favored in Nigeria?

Nigeria is home to some well-known traditional outfits, such as the edo. Igbo dressing; Yoruba dressing; Yoruba dressing.

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