Canadian Business Visa

Canada has the 8th largest Indian diaspora in the world. The provinces of Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec have the largest concentration of Indian Canadians. The majority of these Indian Canadians are foreign born. Indians visit Canada for various reasons including business and travel. The Canadian Visa for Indians includes several categories. Today we will be explaining how to get a Canadian business visa. We will be answering:

The Canadian Business Visa
The Canadian Business Visa
  • What a business visitor is 
  • How to show that you are a business visitor
  • What the applicant has to do
  • What the applicant has to bring 

Canadian Business Visa 

The Canadian Business Visa Process explained for Applicants.

What a Business Visitor Is 

An applicant is considered as a business visitor if:

  • They are going to Canada in order to conduct international business activities but will not be a part of the Canadian labour market 
  • If they are temporarily visiting Canada 
  1. In order to grow their business
  2. Invest
  3. Advance their business relationships

Business visitors generally stay in Canada for a few days or weeks, but are permitted to stay upto 6 months. 

How to Show You are a Business VIsitor/ Eligibility 

To be eligible to be a Business Visitor the applicant must show:

  • They intend to stay for less than 6 months
  • They don’t intend to enter the Canadian labour market
  • Their main place of business and source of income and profits is outside Canada
  • They have documents that support their application
  • They fulfill Canada’s basic entry requirements, because they
  • have a valid travel document, such as a passport
  • They have enough money for their stay and to return home
  • They intend to leave Canada at the end of their visit
  • They are not a criminal, security or health risk to Canadians

If the applicant intends to stay for more than 6 months, or intends to work in Canada, they may be considered as a  temporary worker and need to apply for a work permit.

What a Business Visitor Can Do 

  • buy Canadian goods or services for a foreign business or government
  • take orders for goods or services
  • go to meetings, conferences, conventions or trade fairs
  • give after-sales service as part of a warranty or sales agreement
  • be trained by a Canadian parent company that they work for outside Canada
  • train employees of a Canadian branch of a foreign company
  • be trained by a Canadian company that has sold them equipment or services

Canadian Visa Business Requirements 

Documents Required for Entry

Vaccinated Traveller Exemption 

Starting September 7, the applicant may be able to enter Canada, if they are eligible for the fully vaccinated traveller exemption. 

The Applicant will need:

  • A visitor visa
  • an electronic travel authorization (eTA) or another valid travel document (such as a valid US passport or green card). 

They may also need to provide your fingerprints and photo (biometrics) if applying for a visitor visa.

Business visitors vs Business People 

Business visitors and business people do not count as the same. Business people come to Canada under a free trade agreement in order to do work. 

Documents Required 

The traveler must make sure to keep the following documents on hand when arriving at the Canadian border. 

  • a passport or travel document that is valid for your entire stay
  • a valid visitor visa, if applicable
  • If the applicant needs an eTA, they must travel using the same passport they used in their application
  • letters of support from their parent company and a letter of invitation from the Canadian host business or a Letter of Recognition from the Canada Border Services Agency
  • other documents such as warranty or service agreements, or contracts, if relevant to their visit
  • 24-hour contact details of their business host in Canada
  • proof that they have enough money for both their stay in Canada and their return home
  • proof of COVID-19 vaccination

Submit information to the ArriveCAN app

The applicant must use ArriveCAN before checking in at the airport or crossing the border to submit:

  • travel and contact information
  • quarantine plan
  • COVID-19 symptom self-assessment

The applicant must bring their ArriveCAN receipt (electronic or paper) with them to show the border services officer upon arrival.

How to Apply 

The applicant will be contacted 14 – 30 days after their complete application is received.

Biometrics (Biometrics and Photo)

Generally the applicant will need to give biometrics if they haven’t within the last 10 years. If the  applicant’s local visa application centre is closed due to COVID-19,  temporary measures that can take the place of biometrics exist.

Canadian Business Visa Application Form 

Apply Online Through the IRCC Portal 

  • Create an account and sign in 
  • Fill out the online form and upload documents 
  • Pay with credit card 

After Application

The application will be checked to ensure it is complete, otherwise it will be sent back.

The applicant may also be asked to :

  • go to an interview with officials in their country
  • send more information
  • get a medical exam
  • get a police certificate

Canadian Business Visa Processing Time 

Most applications are generally processed within a few weeks or less. 

Upon Approval 

Online application:

The applicant will receive 2 letters in the IRCC account:

  • The decision letter
  • A letter with instructions to submit their passport

This approval doesn’t mean the applicant can travel to Canada. They need to wait until  the visa is put in their passport .

Paper Application :

Once the application is approved, all original documents including the passport with the visa inside will be returned to the applicant. 

Refusal of Visa 

Online Application: 

The applicant will receive the decision in the IRCC account. It will explain why the application was refused. 

Paper Application:

The applicant will receive an explanation as to why their application was refused. All original documents including passport will be returned. 

Proof of Eligibility 

  • a negative COVID-19 test result (taken within 72 hours of your departure)
  • the evidence the applicant provided in their visa application
  • written authorization from IRCC (if they are required to get it)
  • written authorization from the Public Health Agency of Canada (if they are travelling for compassionate reasons)

The applicant will not be able to board the flight or enter at a Canadian land port of entry without this information. 

Additional documentation may b e required for a child under the age of 18. 

Invitation to Canada

If the applicant has received a letter from a person or company inviting them to Canada, they must bring that letter with them. A border services officer may ask to check it. 

Arrival in Canada 

To enter Canada the traveller must meet current health requirements due to COVID – 19.

  • The traveler’s health will be evaluated before they leave the port of entry. A foreign national with symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed to enter Canada
  • If the traveller enters Canada through 1 of 4 major Canadian airports, their fingerprints will be checked automatically at a primary inspection kiosk
  • The system will verify the traveler’s identity with the information submitted in the application 
  • If the traveler enters Canada through a land port of entry their fingerprints may be checked if they are chosen for a secondary inspection. A border services officer will use a fingerprint verification device to check their fingerprints. 

Enter Canada 

If the traveler 

  • Passes the identity check 
  • Health Assessment 
  • Meets the entry requirements 

The border services officer may stamp the traveler’s passport or tell them how long they can stay in Canada. Generally a stay of up to 6 months is allowed in Canada. 

  • In certain cases, the officer might limit or extend the traveller’s time in Canada, based on the purpose of their visit.
  • Any false or incomplete information will result in the traveler not being allowed into Canada. 
  • The officer must be sure that the traveler is eligible for entry into Canada and that they will leave Canada after their approved stay.

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Are Business Visitors and Business People the same ?

No. Business persons come to work in Canada under the free trade agreement.

What is the general processing time for a Canadian business visa application ?

The general processing time is a few weeks or less.

Where can the applicant apply for the visa ?

Through the IRCC portal.

How long is the Canadian Business Visa Valid for ?

It is valid for 6 months.

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