5 Most Affordable Places to Live in Singapore

Singapore is a well-known city for the hike up in expensive investments, especially for cars and properties. But research can assist many in need of Places to live in Singapore. You can have the compared costing of places with the affordable locations with a facility surrounding to match the pocket with your need. But what are the cheapest places in Singapore suitable to live? Can you live in Lion city without draining your bank balance? Yes, you can find HDBs (Housing Development Board) as big support included as a part of Singapore culture with modification in affordability range to live in the city for locals and migrants both. These HDB properties are relaxation to residents and citizens as heavily government-subsidized. Let’s have a look at the 5 most affordable places to live in Singapore.

5 Most Affordable Places to Live in Singapore
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Choa Chu Kang (CCK)

One of the pocket-friendly spots to live in Singapore can include the location. The place locates on the east-west elongated Kranji Expressway. It is expanded between the Peng Siang River and the famous shopping malls of Bukit Panjang which can cover an affordable range of accommodation in the city. The budget can be for 2 bedroom HDB apartment ($3000 to 3500), 2 bedroom private condo ($3000 to 4000), rooms in private condo ($1000 to 2500) and room in a HDB apartment ($800 to 1200).

Bukit Panjang

The above point is one of the Affordable Places to Live in Singapore with support from your pocket. The limited area of the historical land has been growing by infrastructure and facilities over the last few years on a remarkable ground. It can include malls and a chain of roads, western restaurants, food courts, and even a wet market apart.
The smaller place can be covered by foot from one corner to another with the substitution of a reasonable collection of food stalls and hawkers for cheaper deals. The budget for the rooms can include for 2 bedroom HDB apartment ($2,800 to 3000), room in HDB apartment ($500 to 1200), 2 bedroom private condo ($3000 to 3,500) and room in private condo ($1000 to 2000).


Young families can have this preferred popular site from Places to live in Singapore, which has a mixture of Singaporeans and expatriates. It is the new residential area picked by people otherwise for two centuries it was counted among the undeveloped tourist district. The extra investments in recent years boosted the popularity of the location.
With the exotic range of flora and fauna with the waterfront location, the place has a charming gesture. Residents of the spot can fetch easily Coney island’s escape with nature, hiking, and bird watching. The available range for rooms can have 2 bedroom HDB apartment ($2,500 to 3,500), room in a HDB apartment ($750 to 1,500), 2 bedroom private condo ($3000 to 4000) and room in private condo ($2000 to 2,500).


If you are searching for rooms in the location of the Affordable Places to Live in Singapore in the northernmost neighborhood in Singapore then the site is perfect to live in. As per the surroundings, the waterfront park can be a convenient angle to look out over the Johor strait. The other parks like Marseiling and admiralty can give you the green friendly atmosphere to breathe in. you can also get restaurants, and cafes to spend your quality time at weekends.

The basic needs can have the shopping destinations with other entertaining requirements corners that can be easily accessible. The stay availability may embrace 2 bedroom HDB apartment ($2,500 to 3,500), room in a HDB apartment ($750 to 1,200), 2 bedroom private condo ($3000 to 4000) and room in private condo ($2000 to 2,500).


The location on the northern corner of the island among the Places to live in Singapore is present between the Yishun and woodlands can have a beautiful history attached. You can find the HDB section a new corner added to the place but once it was the home of the Singapore Naval base. It has the nickname Gibraltar of the east in the earliest stage of the 20th century.

The area holds the middle-aged population facilitated by shopping centers, malls, parks, community clubs, etc. The food corners are also based on the traditional grooming of Singapore-style restaurants. You can also find the Chong Pang village hawker center that is located here since the 70s. The rooms can cover by range as 2 bedroom HDB apartment ($2,500 to 3,500), room in a HDB apartment ($750 to 1,000), 2 bedroom private condo ($3000 to 4000) and room in private condo ($1000 to 2,000).

Bottom Line

There can be many more additions in the Affordable Places to Live in Singapore, you can keep the required guidance in mind before selecting the destination. The environment in your surroundings including the interiors of your stay can impact your daily schedule to kick start or hide in a corner. So, choose the best place to live in Singapore that suits your terms.

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Ask Indian Friend Now

What are the things to keep in mind for the cheapest places to live in Singapore?

You can keep in mind the difference between public and private housing. With a tight budget, you can opt for the housing development board flats as the best affordable option ever.

Where to live so that can have a visit to a famous zoo nearby with an awesome forest view?

You can choose Bukit Panjang which can have exposure to forest-covered hills with a peaceful environment to pamper yourself while scheduling your daily work. The place can make your ears escape from the torturing noise of the traffic in this big city along with the award-winning Singapore zoo embraced.

Where can I get an affordable place with a soccer court and park and playground in Singapore?

The Choa Chu Kang location can have all as per your demand in budget. The place has a street soccer court available next to Choa Chu Kang stadium athletics complex. The famous country club with eighteen holes of golf at a short distance from Choa Chu Kang Park trigger skateboard rinks and playgrounds.

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