The 5 Most Affordable Places to Live In UAE

If we have a look into the rental prices in UAE, it has gone down to a certain affordable range but can be expensive for a separate range of salary.  As per the survey, Dubai is a luxurious as well as an expensive city to live in. But there can be exceptions in a crowd and the same is with the areas which can provide accommodation by choice at cheaper rates.

We are here to assist you with the 5 most cost-effective places to live in UAE that can have a variety of facilities for you.

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  • Deira

Those who are in search of affordable Places in UAE with a low budget can stop at the location. Although Deira is like Bur Dubai its modernization made it the worthy choice to be the first business corner over there. It is covered by Indians.

The place is well connected to the other transport channels as it is located near the airport. As it is in its modern form, so can have a combination of old and new buildings, shops, restaurants channels, etc.

The average annual rent for the complete year can be AED(United Arab Emirates Dirham as the currency of Dubai) normally between the range of 42,000 to 57,700. The rent price is for the fully renovated apartments.

  • Dubai International City

The international city has many areas to get on rent in UAE at affordable prices. The nearby areas are full of amenities like medical shops, hospitals, restaurants, supermarkets, schools, cafes, etc. The AIwarsan area has boundaries spread in 8 million sq. m.

The green atmosphere of the complete area is further segregated by 10 different sections. The main attraction of the area is its design and structure. Now each section is further divided as per the design and named after a country like Greece, France, China, Spain, Italy, etc.

Here, the rental price ranges from AED 32,500 to AED 42,000 per annum as per the opted space. It can have a bedroom apartment to a three-bedroom apartment with included studios.

  • Ajman

The place has the best option for the pocket- friendly apartments. Even though the smallest emirate turnover till 9.6 percent in a year. If you compare the costs of the rental apartments here then it is thrice timed lesser than the medium asking price.     

On average the plots can be holding AED 30 sq. ft for apartments and AED 22 sq. ft for villas. The pricing is more affordable than that of next-door neighbor Sharjah. There for villas, the measurements go like   AED 24/sq.ft and for apartments AED 34/ sq.ft.    

The lower prices are making the site favorite to many and that’s the reason people love to spend a long time here.

  • Jumeirah Village circle

The place is popular for its pricing for villas with beautiful surroundings. It has spacious villas to live in and enjoy all the facilities with a diverse set of structures. Creativity matters for the people who are in need to have a place to rent for their families.

The place has all types of modern resources to live a healthy and luxurious life like cafes, green spaces, gyms, parks, shopping malls, and most important schools. You can even get places for visitors like the Mall of Emirates, Dubai International Airport, Dubai miracle garden, downtown Dubai, etc.

For a year, one can afford the average rental need of AED 22,000 for a studio apartment but have to pay AED 42,000 for double bedroom apartments.

  • Dubai Silicon Oasis

The popular place is full of commercial areas for rent and is commonly called the technical hub of Dubai. This place is the best choice for people who wants to have new startups in business. 

You can get the exposure of variety to walk for the freshness as Dubai mall, Dubai International Airport, and International city. It is the heart location of the place and is famous for visitors.

 Here, even the commercial sector background is present but you can find the best residence as per your need in your budget. One can get the 2 to 3-bedroom apartments in average pricing from AED 45000 to AED 65000.

Bottom Line

Varied features of apartments on rent with the required amenities at different places make it suitable for living in UAE. One must check the budget before opting for the rented place as per the information provided above.

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Which place can be the most affordable to live in UAE?

You can get the best option at Dubai Sports city with the affordable areas to find the best-suited residency for yourself.

How can anyone pay the rent without a job in Dubai?

Anyone who is living in Dubai can work remotely for overseas companies as per the new schemes.

Which area is better to live in at the cheapest price?

Anyone who is living in Dubai can work remotely for overseas companies as per the new schemes.

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