Why Canada is Hotspot For Indian Students

As we all know, Canada has ranked as one of the best places to live and study, according to the UNO. These all are based upon Canada’s educational victory, life longing, national income and overall quality of life. In addition, it also includes Canada’s plenty of fresh water, low incidence of violent crime, health care system and comfy folk density that is a model for the world. Furthermore, it ranks at the top in education and study, beating the other nation’s colleges.

Canadian universities are ranked the best in the world. And this is why Indian students in Canada prefer them the most due to their high value of degrees worldwide. They can do jobs in Canada without any fear of these degrees. It is also worth noting that Canadian tuition fees are among the lowest of all English-speaking nations.

Why Canada is Hotspot For Indian Students
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Top Reasons Behind Indian Students in Canada 

Work Along With Study

A Canadian study permit enables global students to work while studying without needing another work permit. This is one of the main reasons behind Indian students in Canada, thus enabling them to earn money from jobs at 20 hours a week. In addition, they can do full-time work during their summer and semester breaks. The fact that students can work while studying proves to be a great option for them to gain work skills and network even before they finish their studies and get a job. However, a student doesn’t need to pursue a part-time job in a particular field of study that they are pursuing in Canada as a part of the program.

Great Weather Conditions

Why Canada is Hotspot For Indian Students- Great Weather Conditions
Why Canada is Hotspot For Indian Students- Great Weather Conditions Image Source: quora.com

This is also one of the reasons Indian students in Canada due to its unique weather conditions. This is because this nation has vastly unsettled land, unique mountain ranges, and large numbers of lakes for all-around weekend trips. Furthermore, the overall weather in Canada is quite healthy. When you get used to the cold temperature, there will be nothing better than this once you are used to it.

Various Culture

As we know, the Canada is very famous due to its friendly and welcoming nature. Persons from different nations have been shifting to Canada for a long time. Therefore, this gives Canada benefits in terms of cultural diversity. Locals of Canada adopted their diversity and realized that as their power. Indian students in Canada can experience festivals of all ethnic groups. The great part is that the festivals are not capped to ethnic groups, but the entire nation marks all festivals.

Get PGWP Option

The benefit for Indian students in Canada is that they can have a post graduation work permit program, thus allowing them to stray and work in the nation. It cannot be lawful for longer than the student’s study program course. An international student who graduates from a college or university in Canada will have the chance to gain experience in the Canadian workforce.

Applying for PGWP can be begun after students receive their final marks from a designated learning institute. Getting Canadian work experience as part of the PGWP can help global students grow in their PR careers in Canada in the long run.

A Society With Multiple Languages

Canada indeed engulfs all the ingredients vital for a student to be groomed perfectly in all senses. While English and French are Canada’s official languages, it’s now a multilingual nation with many languages, religions, and cultures. It will be a great exposure for students to learn new languages since they will be surrounded by people who speak different languages. There will be no issues of race or colour in society, even though it is a mixed society.

Immigration Policy in Canada

It is one of the most liberal nations in the world when it comes to studying and working, staying back options, and working after studies. As soon as you finish your studies, you will be able to get a stay back period of as long as three years. The majority of students after that apply for permanent residency in the country.

Unique Campus Lifestyle

Why Canada is Hotspot For Indian Students- Unique Campus Lifestyle
Why Canada is Hotspot For Indian Students- Unique Campus Lifestyle Image Source: moonoverseas.in

All Canadian universities are very famous due to their vibrant and lively as they have many fests and events happening during the year. Every University in Canada has its parties and events. This is because they wish to educate and mix students by comparing them to partake in various cultural events. This will assign students handle the stress of studies and help them mix with diverse people at university. In addition, Canadian Universities also offer optional activities where a candidate can showcase their talent both nation and university wise. Indian students in Canada can access free Wi-Fi, journals, daily and many more while they study at Canadian Universities. Students from abroad will benefit from the different lifestyles and fun learning environments Canada offers as they pursue higher education there.

The Country is Peaceful And Safe

There is no doubt that Canada is a country of peace, stability, and safety. There are laws in the nation that protect the rights of our citizens, and the government enacts them. The reputation of Canada as a safe country has been cited as an important factor that contributed to the decision of 65 per cent of international students to study here in a CBIE survey.

An Affordable Option

In terms of tuition fees, Canada is relatively cheaper than other popular study spots, especially when it comes to universities. It is quite a viable option for Indian students in Canada, especially when one feels the great work options they have, both part time and full time as part of their studies. To reduce the cost of education for qualified students, a wide range of Canadian scholarships are available for them to apply for.


These are some reasons for Indian students in Canada, thus making it an ideal hotspot. Other reasons are the application, simple visa, and job options. Read this blog and find all the vital facts about Canada.

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Ask Indian Friend Now

Why do Indian students go to Canada for higher studies?

Some of the reasons are affordable education, a High-quality lifestyle, better safety and many more.

Why is there too much safety for Indian students in Canada?

Canada has rigid rules about the safety of students from all over the world. And there is a very lower crime rate in comparison to other nations.

How can I choose the best job option after completion of the course?

You can choose the job according to your abilities. Sometimes you must take a test to qualify for that job.

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