15 Island Countries Every Indian Must Visit

Islands are not only to get a peaceful environment but also embrace a lot many adventures, fun and romance included within the trip. You can find a diverse set of cultures and amazing places to visit and be part of many activities to feel the real pleasure of the moment. Must Visit Countries that can have the exposure of love and calmness with joy. Island Countries for Indians can have a broad list of exploring list by specialty of destination. Let’s have a look at the 15 Island countries every Indian must visit.

Top Island Countries For Indians on Demand

Phu Quoc Vietnam

15 Island Countries Every Indian Must Visit- Phu Quoc, Vietnam
15 Island Countries Every Indian Must Visit- Phu Quoc, Vietnam

The mentioned island can be the biggest one in Vietnam but each corner of the destination is full of entertainment segments for visitors and residents. It holds beautiful protected parks and reserves treasure with beaches as a plus point. You can get affordable meals at restaurants with the offer of a single meal for two with a diversified amalgam of dishes of squid, shrimps, fish, crab, etc. You cannot forget the beverages that stuck to your taste buds to drag you back again.

The Most Glorified Little Andaman Island

The island is one of the offbeat destinations for the Andaman Islands. Must Visit Countries like India for such an amazing Island with a balanced crowd enriched with beaches and heavenly features of nature. In case you are searching for a location to enjoy the extreme on your limited budget, it can be the right choice for you.

Isla Colon Island of Panama

15 Island Countries Every Indian Must Visit- Isla Colon Island of Panama
15 Island Countries Every Indian Must Visit- Isla Colon Island of Panama

It is a small island off the coast of Panama in the chain of Bocas Del Toro. Here you can enjoy the Caribbean culture in a cost-effective range of living to get the same comfort of high-standard luxury surroundings. Fishing and sailing can make you thrill with loving weather conditions.

Ireland Island

At the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, it can be the best destination that can be one of the cheapest visits in Europe with good surrounding adventures and locations to peep for pleasure. Whether you will talk about the sites to explore or the cuisines, both will return the investments in a peaceful atmosphere.

Crete of Greece

The Island Countries for Indians gets fitted with Crete in Greece which can be a worthy choice due to its fabulous infrastructure with medical facilities included. Awesome high-profile beaches with relaxed surroundings and seaside tavernas will hold your breath to get exposure to the housing option with activities.

Koh Samui of Thailand

15 Island Countries Every Indian Must Visit- Koh Samui of Thailand
15 Island Countries Every Indian Must Visit- Koh Samui of Thailand

The island of Koh Samui is greatly desired by visitors due to its calm and relaxing core of lifestyle. Even it is evolving as a golfer’s paradise with soothing beaches, dense forests, cascading waterfalls, and quiet bays far from noise pollution but near nature.

Cozumel of Mexico

Must Visit Countries that hold the Caribbean waters surround the Mexican island with well-classified vacation spots with lots of dreams come true of the pocket-friendly visit with housing relaxation for an International lavish living.

Las Terrenas of Dominican Republic

In case you are an explorer and love to have the mixed atmosphere of the Caribbean and Europe, then this destination is designed by the northeast Samana peninsula for you. You can get the best offerings at the bakeries and restaurants with the origin surrounding historical traces.

Mallorca of Spain

The great mix and match of marinas with the natural rock patterns of the Island made it unique. Here you will find Roman traces that reflect the lifestyle at the outpost of the kingdom. The beautiful climatic conditions favor the trip in a mild go.

Penang of Malaysia

For decades the spot-on-demand Island Countries for Indians can hold the name of such an Island landing off the coast of Malaysia. There is good news for food freaks with the Lonely Planet visit here. Traveling to nearby locations like Cambodia, Vietnam, Bali or Thailand becomes very easy from here.

Ambergris Caye of Belize

The covered perimeter of the Island with turquoise seascapes made it a pleasure to stare at it with the homely environment. You can even survive there for less than $ 2000 for a month as per international living.

Honshu Island of Japan

It is one of the biggest Islands of Japan by area and population and also one of the favorites for many due to its location hub of the country’s bigger cities. Japanese rice, seafood twist, and sake can get a corner for your memories.

Hundred islands National park, Pangasinan

The chain of islands about 124 you can say can be assembled with Pangasinan to get the visit accomplished by exploring the environment. You can visit macros island there with cave, Romos, and Martha island and then get the beautiful scenario of turtle and Hernandez island too with lot many adventures ahead.

Madagascar Africa

15 Island Countries Every Indian Must Visit- Madagascar, Africa
15 Island Countries Every Indian Must Visit- Madagascar, Africa

One of the largest islands in the world with diversity in flora and fauna. You can even find the maximum percentage of wildlife here on the total earth. You can find expensive restaurants, and shops along with the calm turquoise waters to get the harmony revealed. The seafood assortment can surprise you with its mouthful taste and health.

Sentosa Island Singapore

The island became one of the most enjoyable tourist destinations to have adventures, fun, and relaxation together with the mouthful aroma of diversified foodstuff. You can find vast options to visit here like the resort world Sentosa, dolphin park, butterfly kingdom, Carlsberg tower, Madame Tussauds wax museum, etc.

Bottom Line

When it comes to visiting Island Countries for Indians or any other visitors, the above-listed features of islands catch hold your attraction to get you there. The beauty, culture, and activities with cuisines can touch your heart with memories forever.

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Ask Indian Friend Now

How many islands are main in Japan?

Japan has four main islands Hokkaido, Shikoku, Honshu, and Kyushu.

What is the name of the second largest island of Thailand?

Koh Samui is the second largest island for adventurous visitors.

Which one of the islands in India has the sign of Portuguese culture enclosed in it?

Diu Island is one of the Indian islands that has left traces of Portuguese culture.

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