10 Safest Countries to Travel for Solo Women

The new era of technology made everything modernized but the environment needs to get checked before women choose to fetch the destination site to travel solo. Why such a question is in existence?  Yes, there can be travelers’ safety concerns associated with some companion or support networks, especially in the case of women. Here are the 10 safest countries to travel for solo women.

Safest Countries to Travel for Solo Women
Safest Countries to Travel for Solo Women

Fortunately, there are spots to visit without compromising on comfort and safety zone for Safest Countries for Solo Women Travelers. The Safest Countries to Travel allows them to plan their hassle-free trips for better peace of mind. Before moving forward, we can have a quick look at the set of factors attached to the safest place for women travelers:

  • There is the percentage of women travelers who experienced violence can be declined.
  • Few female victims of international homicide.
  • Chances of attitude toward violence against women in the lowest percentage.
  • The overall safety of the country.
  • A section of women feels safe while walking at night in the locals.
  • Laws present for domestic violence.
  • Global gender- pay gap score.

Let’s go through the best evaluated Safest Countries for Solo Women Travelers listed below with their positive features.


The place has conquered the ground of all the maximum positive factors on top that made it one of the Safest Countries to Travel to. The country follows strict laws toward the protection of women in any section of violence.

Even the supporting environment can make your mind full of excitement to visit all the sites to get the exploring beauty with the food assortment to surprise you with the stuff. You can feel safe to travel safely to pamper yourself during your quality time.


The vibrant atmosphere invites you to travel safely to have the exploring beauty of the hills and mountains of cities like Vienna. There are surprising tourist destinations that can reveal the multiple hiking trails.

 You can become a fan of the local Wiener Schnitzel or another delicious amalgam of ingredient mash-up platters.


When we think about the country as a female traveler and that also without anyone besides, the safety measures on behalf of laws on domestic violence take the ground. Female homicide rate and movement of females alone at night become the priority for the citizens to make you feel comfortable at each step.


You can consider the country as one of the Safest Countries for Solo Women Travellers in the entire world. The landscape is amazing with beautiful castles, wineries, and exciting little towns.


The popular country is dense in its culture, beautifying castles, natural villages, and delightful dishes. A woman is safe to visit and navigate the corners with safety here. The true fairy tale imaging atmosphere is a trouble-free location for solo women travelers.


Females choose Iceland as the most preferred location among all others as per the safety index projects for more than decades. The less populated area of the country is the best location to enjoy popular cities here like Reykjavik, etc.


Any guesses for the most peaceful countries? Scandinavian countries can be the right answer throughout the world. Even though the place is bearing an extremely cold climate but the locals are ready to welcome tourists with a  smile despite their gender and status. Which makes Finland among the 10 safest countries to travel for solo women.


You can easily depict the safety concern for women by the women-only trains circulation to make the rush hours comfortable for women with or without kids. Tokyo is not only full of sparkling gestures but also the safest site for solo women travelers. The policeman is always on duty at each corner to make you feel safe.


Even though the reality of the constitution for women was different here as both the genders hold equal rights. The local women are free to do jobs, study, etc. but need to be family oriented. The new generation is bold enough to raise voices on wrong and made the place better for women to travel independently and safely.


If you are a person to Ski with the backdrop of the finest alpine that comprises your resort stay, then you can have the place with the best facilities of safety ever. The dense medieval architecture ground of the capital city, Bern can please you during the visits to the corners. You can visit Lucerne city too and other places with lakes, etc. with safety features included.

Bottom line

In case you are planning to move on a trip, should keep the search for the Safest Countries to Travel to with the favorable laws and safety concerns allowed by the environment. After all, it’s your trip to enjoy.

Which country in the South of Europe can be the best destination for solo women travelers?

Portugal is the best option here located in the South of Europe with the best cuisines, tourist sites, etc.

Which country can give you the best exposure to diversified activities on mountains full of snow?

The country is small in area and hence traveling is fun to have kayaking, Skydiving, ski touring, and ice climbing with the surrounding snow-covered mountains. You can find a lot more here to explore!

Among OECD countries, who has the lowest crime rate that police don’t even carry firearms?

Iceland has the lowest crime rates and is safe for solo female travelers. The environment is so helpful that it seems like a big family of citizens where every- one knows each other and is ready to help.

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