How to become a billionaire NRI? Start doing this today..

Yes! You read that right! You too can become a billionaire. In this article, I will guide you through some important things you need to do to become a billionaire in the next few years. Make sure you follow the rules. Now pay attention on how to make the perfect NRI Financial Plan!

START Saving!!

That has to be number one. Start saving today. It doesn’t matter how much you are saving, what matters is how and where you are doing it. Remember: Money that makes more money is the right money. NRI Savings and NRI Investments run too close. Check this out:

NRI Financial Plan savings

Start your savings with anything between 5%-20% of your income.


Segregate your savings into emergency fund and low risk investments.

NRI Investment is the key

Where to invest is the question! As simple as that! And how to do it is equally important. You can start using the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) and generate generous returns by investing in stable segments like NRI FD, Mutual Funds (Debt), G-Sec, Gold or other such low risk-stable yield instruments. As you step ahead, don’t shy away from entering the equity market. Start small to reach big!

NRI Financial Plan risk appetite

Your risk appetite is your steering wheel. Balance it well.

Investment by NRI in India

Investment in Equities can require expert assistance. Don’t shy away!

Creating the Perfect NRI Financial Plan

Becoming a billionaire has a MAP! It is called your Financial Plan! It involves a number of things. Make sure this is your check list:

NRI Financial Plan
  1. Invest in India and diversify your portfolio
  2. Make sure you get insured
  3. Have a decent amount in your Emergency Fund
  4. Sort your NRI Banking and Taxation (India and Global)
  5. Connect with an Expert to strategize
  6. Take Control! NOW!

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