Investment Options in India: NRI Investment in 2020-21

There are a plethora of investment options in India for NRIs. To spot the best investment options in India, we need to understand the crux of NRI Investment and the attractiveness of the various asset classes that tempt the NRIs with lucrative benefits.

NRI Investment in India has become a very sought after mechanism to capitalize on the Indian Markets and dip in foreign currency. In this small article, let’s touch the epidermis of the various investment options in India focusing on the best investment options in India for an NRI.

Investment Options in India: NRI Investment in 2020-21
Investment Options in India: NRI Investment in 2020-21

NRI Investment Options in India

We have already covered the top 5 best investment options for NRIs in India with a different perspective in our article: NRI Investment in India: 5 Best Investment Options for NRIs

Here, let’s give you a small preview of what are the best NRI Investment Options in India and you can link over to the above mentioned article to know about the details of these investment options. You can also understand about the investment opportunities mentioned in this particular article through the below mentioned video.

NRI Investment in India: Top 5 Best Investment Opportunities
  1. NRI Fixed Deposits: Park your funds in the NRE, NRO and FCNR Deposits to earn tax-free interest (NRE & FCNR) leveraging on the best interest rates in India for NRI. These deposits promise the best NRI FD Rates, Have a look:
  • NRO FD: Park your funds generated in India and earn interest on deposits up to 7.50%*. The interest earned is taxable at 30% along with surcharge and cess but can be later filed for a refund as per your tax slab in India.

To understand every other aspect related to NRI Investment in Fixed Deposits in India, head over to the NRI Fixed Deposit section on our blog.

NRI Fixed Deposits Overview
  1. Mutual Funds: Mutual Funds are one of the best investment options in India for an NRI. The preferred medium of investment in this segment will be through Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). We have covered this instrument of investment in Mutual Funds for NRIs in our article SIP for NRIs: How can NRI invest through SIP in a Mutual Fund?

You can find every detail of how to invest and where to invest along with other necessities like documentation etc. on our blog. Just head over to the NRI Mutual Fund section and everything will be at your disposal.

Taxation on NRI Mutual Funds
  1. Equities: NRI Investment in Indian equities can be done by investing money into stocks listed on the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE). To be eligible to invest into stocks, NRIs need to be a part of the Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) that will allow them to trade stocks.

You can find the details of NRI Investment in Equities by heading over to our article Indian Stock Market: NRI Investment in India in 2020. For a more in-depth knowledge regarding NRI Investment in India, head over to the NRI Investment section on our blog.

How can NRIs trade in Indian Stock Market
  1. Real Estate: NRI Investment options in India will be hollow without the Real Estate sector. With the huge influx of NRIs Returning to India, Real Estate has turned out to be one of the most sought after investment options in India for NRIs.

To know about the various rules and guidelines that are set for NRI Investment in Real Estate in India along with understanding the intricacies of taxation while acquiring and selling these properties, just head over to the Real Estate section on our blog.

Repatriation of Sale Proceeds from selling property in India
  1. Bonds and Non-Convertible Debentures: The Indian Debt Market is one of the largest in Asia that provides assured returns. Bonds raise capital through investors rather than banking channels promising low risks and assured returns.

We have covered the aspect of NRI Investment in Bonds in our article NRI Investment in Bonds: The Ultimate Guide 2020.

NRI Investment in GOI Securities

NRI Investment: A Synopsis

In this article, we tried to provide a basic preview of the top 5 investment options in India for NRIs. NRI Investment in India has multiple layers. It starts with finding the most suitable asset class for investment and goes in deeper as per the needs and requirements of the investor. 

The best way to ace the investment options in India is by analyzing your financial profile and assessing your risk appetite. Click on the button below to connect to our investment expert and create an investment portfolio in India that will guarantee you the best returns. Also, visit our blog and Youtube Channel for more details.

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