Great Ways to Prepare for Winter for NRIs

Winter can be a beautiful yet stressful time. Some wait all year for the cool and crisp season. Others find winter uncomfortable and start preparing well in advance to make it a more manageable experience. In this article, we will discuss several ways NRIs can prepare for the winter. This is based on the process of adjusting to winter in other countries after having lived in India. 

Great Ways to Prepare for Winter for NRIs.
Great Ways to Prepare for Winter for NRIs. Image from


Winter worldwide usually calls for heavier and more substantial dishes. There are various traditional dishes that are packed with nutrients. Gajar ka halwa, sarson ka saag and makki ki roti are all made of exceptionally healthy ingredients. Dishes such as these keep you full of energy and taste delicious. Masala chai is always wonderful and impossible to live without in winter. Masala chai often contains cardamom (elaichi), cloves (lavang), black pepper and ginger. These invigorate the spirit in the midst of the bitter cold. Pakoras are always a welcome accompaniment. 

In India, it is very common for people to stock up on dry fruits for the winter. Almonds, cashews, and raisins are nutritious energy boosters. They also have a wonderful flavor. Hearty soups, dal makhani and rajma are other great examples of rich winter food. Make sure to choose hearty, nutrition-packed foods that keep your energy levels optimal. 

Daylight Change 

The amount of sunlight tends to decrease significantly in most places during the wintertime. This can affect moods and energy levels dramatically. People can change their exercise levels and diets to compensate for this. Many people even utilize special lamps designed to compensate for the decrease in sunlight. 

Be aware of the changing levels of daylight and modify your lifestyle accordingly. Diet, exercise and waking hours can all be adjusted.

Skin Care 

Skin and hair tend to get very dry in the winter. Make sure to have lip balm ready at all times in order to prevent chapped lips. Footcare is also particularly crucial during the winter months. There are numerous moisturizers and oils that protect the skin from drying out. 

It is important to figure out your skin type and know which products will protect it adequately. Many effective moisturizers have ingredients such as vitamin e, olive oil, oat extracts and mineral oil. Your skin type might respond to one or more such ingredients particularly well. This makes the dry winter conditions much more comfortable.


Appropriate winter clothing makes all the difference over the long term. Dressing in layers is a good idea. This makes it possible to modify your attire according to changing temperatures. The right jacket, gloves, sweatshirt, sweater, headgear, socks and footwear can make extended stay in cold weather much more bearable. 

There are times when all the extra effort to compile winter outfits seems like far too much work. If the temperature has gotten chilly, the effort is well worth it. Bundling up helps to avoid sickness and prevent exhaustion from a long winter. 


Feet get exceptionally cold during the winter. Sufficiently cold weather calls for proper socks and shoes or boots. If you are in an icy or snow laden area be very careful to pick footwear that will prevent you from slipping and falling. Socks come in varying degrees of thickness. They are also made of all types of different materials to enhance warmth and comfort. 

All the extremities of the body such as the head, ears, hands and feet tend to get extremely cold during harsh winter conditions. If you are going to be spending a significant amount of time in the cold be sure to make sure these areas are well protected. 

Winter requires considerable planning. Preparing well in advance can make the winter not just bearable but comfortable. Those that despise the winter can even learn to enjoy it. Winter severity varies all over India. Some may be very familiar with cold weather. Some are not accustomed at all. Either way it is always wonderful to infuse Indian winter traditions with the local ones. 

Hot gulab jamuns, steaming rassam, fragrant kahwa and Kashmiri shawls are all wonderful memories from home. Have a magnificent winter. We hope you make great memories of nutritious and delicious food, warmth, and comfort amidst the cool and crisp winter. 

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Why is it essential to have the appropriate clothing for exceptionally cold winters?

All the proper clothing makes long and cold winters bearable. They ward off sickness and exhaustion from the cold.

What are some Indian ways to make winters more comfortable abroad?

Traditional dishes such as sarson ka saag, makki ki roti and gulab jamuns are some very delicious and nutritious dishes to add flavor to the cold weather. Kashmiri shawls and herbal and other teas are examples of high-quality products to make winters more beautiful.

What are some ways for NRIs to adjust to icy and snowy weather?

Boots, hooded jackets, gloves, mufflers, and caps are an immense help in the icy and snowy weather.

Can the change in the amount of sunlight affect people?

Yes, it can affect people’s energy and mood significantly.

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