7 Ways to Make Sure Your Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

There is no doubt that eyelash extensions will make you look cute even without using makeup. But the query arises of how to keep eyelash extensions to stay longer is an issue for every girl. However, maintaining lashes right is the most useful point you can use for eyelash extensions to stay longer. You can easily take care of eyelash extensions by reading this blog.

7 Ways to Make Sure Your Eyelash Extensions Last Longer
7 Ways to Make Sure Your Eyelash Extensions Last Longer Image Source: istockphoto.com

How Long Should Eyelash Extensions Last?

The use of eyelash extensions can help you achieve fuller, longer lashes without using mascara or other makeup. These can stay longer, about two weeks to eight weeks. But it relies on a few different factors. These factors include relying on your care, how your oily skin is, and your natural lash process. However, you must fill it every 2-4 weeks to hold a big look.

What is Causing Your Eyelash Extensions to Fall Out so Quickly?

First and foremost, because eyelash extensions are attached to your natural lashes, they will fall out when you shed them. You are constantly shedding some lashes, regrowing others, or growing them fully, depending on where your eyelashes are in their growth phase. Consequently, some eyelash fallout will occur per your natural lash cycle, leading to gaps in your extensions.

But how much eyelash extensions stay longer depends on the application. The eyelashes will last longer when you apply them in a better way. The base must be entirely bound to the eyelash extension with eyelash extension glue. The extensions should also be set at the right angle on the natural lash to keep them safe and stop dirt and oil from getting inside. There will be a fallout of lashes as a result of this.

It is vital to keep your eyelashes to keep them clean. The more dirt and oil you have on your lashes, the quicker they fall out.

Maintain Healthy Lashes by Washing Them Daily

The best way for eyelash extensions to stay longer is by washing them. Yes, this is the most timely and efficient way to increase their life. You have to clean the lash extension every single day. But the question arises why. One of the leading roles of our natural lashes is to save the eye from debris, dirt and foreign objects. Without proper cleaning, there will be a large build-up of dirt, debris and natural oil on our lash line. Extensions increase the amount of surface area on your lashes. A larger surface area means more bacteria can grow-yuck! It is better to clean them with eyelash extensions to stay longer without any problem.

Be Sure to Keep Them Dry

If you want the best bond possible from your lashes, you should avoid getting them wet for the first 12- 24 hours. Furthermore, this will give them the clingy time to fully set and stick to your lash line. In addition, it is better to bypass any steamy aura for the first 48 hours. This will include hot yoga sessions, tanning beds, and saunas. Thus, it will help your eyelash extensions to stay longer.

Choose The Correct Eyelash Extension Length, Weight, And Curl

It will help if you choose eyelash extensions that suit your natural lashes in length and weight. Extensions should not be longer than your natural eyelashes by more than three to five millimetres. However, the weight of your extension will rely on the diameter of your natural lash. You may experience lash fallout or breakage if you use a length or weight that is too heavy or too long for your natural lashes. It is also vital to pick a curl that is very close to your natural lash. There will be a difference in the retention of curls. Curlier lashes will have a shorter retention time since there will be less extension to attach to the natural lash.

Make Sure You Sleep on Your Back

Many health experts suggest sleeping on your back to lower your spine and shoulder stress. But it is a good idea to sleep on your back for your lashes, and it will help your eyelash extensions to stay longer. You are welcome to sleep on your side if that is your most comfy position. Keep your lashes and face away from the bed while you sleep. It is important not to smash your eyelashes into your pillow when you sleep on your side, as this could cause them to become dislodged or kinked.

It’s Important to be Gentle

You should avoid messing with your lashes as much as possible. Be careful not to tug, rub, or pluck them. It will help if you also avoid eyelash curlers since they will weaken your extensions and cause them to break. The fact that you are human and not a robot is obvious. Therefore, you are bound to develop an itch around your eyes eventually. It’s understandable. To avoid rubbing your eyes when they itch, try running a brush through them instead of rubbing them. Keep yourself from pulling out a loose lash if it occurs. Pulling off your extensions, you may also pull out your natural lashes since they are bonded with very strong glue. Having your lashes removed by a professional is the best action if you need them removed. Make sure you protect your natural lashes.

Make Sure Not to Use All Cosmetics Made From Oil

Using oil-based products around your lash extensions is not a good idea. It includes makeup moisturizers, sun blocks and removers. As we all know, the oil will break down the sticky bond keeping your lash extension imposition. Therefore, it is best to scan your products before using them, mainly your cosmetic ones. It will help you have eyelash extensions to stay longer without worry.

Remember to Lube Them

While you might think it’s best to keep your lash extensions dry, oiled-up lashes stay nicer and longer (this keeps them flexible). Apply a drop of baby oil to them, and let them dry. Thus, it will help your eyelash extensions to stay longer.


These are some of the pro tips that will help you to have your eyelash extensions to stay longer. But it is wise to follow these steps wisely, and a mistake can damage the eyelash. And Everyone has a different lash cycle and lifestyle, so understand that it is not the same for everyone. Follow these steps and enjoy your eyelash extensions to stay longer without fear.

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Ask Indian Friend Now

How long will my eyelashes stay?

It stays about 2-4 weeks.

Can I use oil products when I use eyelashes?

Using oil products is not a good idea as they will be the reasons behind falling them.

Can I rub my eyes after using eyelashes?

Avoid rubbing the eyes after using them. And they will last longer without any issues.

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