Best Ways to Beat Your Dark Circles This Winter

Are those dark circles under your eyes something you dread when you get ready in the morning? It is a bet most of you do. It is a fact that no one likes watching dark circles on a glowing and lovely face. Again, you hide them behind your binge-watching habit! What would have happened if you still needed to watch one more episode?

However, you can stem this fault game. Lack of sleep is one of the major causes of dry circles, but it is not the only one. However, there are several reasons behind this. Even you cannot know, resulting in the growth of dark circles. There may also be a vitamin deficiency behind those dark circles under the eyes. In this blog, let’s learn more about how to beat your dark circles.

Best Ways to Beat Your Dark Circles This Winter
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Reasons Behind Dark Circles


As we all know, there are a large number of blood vessels passing via the under eye part. When the blood cells get blocked in these vessels, they give a blue black tinge to the part. In addition, when we get age, it also leads to the thinning of the skin beneath the eye. Thus, it makes the blood vessels more evident and seems like dark circles.

Insufficient Sleep

The main reason behind getting dark circles is a lack of sleep. Sleep allows the body to repair the skin and other tissues, and blood flow nourishes and nourishes the skin. Sleep lacks results in puffy eyes and dark circles under the eyes because the skin does not have time to rejuvenate. Moreover, the lack of sleep dulls the skin, making the dark blood vessels under the eyes appear more prominent.

Spending More Time Under The Sun

When you spend more time under the sun, there is more chance of getting your eyes damaged by it. Further, exposure to the sun for long periods triggers the production of excess melanin pigment. The area beneath your eyes becomes darker as a result.


This is also another reason behind the dark circles. You may need clarification on how these two are linked. Assume that when you have an allergic issue, your body releases histamines. Furthermore, these histamines can lead to many uncomfortable signs, such as redness, itchiness, and puffy eyes. Besides these effects, histamines dilate your blood vessels, causing them to become more visible under your skin. As a result of allergies, dark circles can grow.

Ways to Beat Your Dark Circles

Grated Potatoes or Cucumber

This is one of the best ways to remove dark circles till now. They also help in easing puffiness near the eye region. Antioxidants, vitamins, and the cooling properties of these vegetables prevent rash around the eyes and darkening.

It is easy to beat your dark circles with this method. It will help if you grate cucumber or potato and put the tad on your eyes. Get some time to relax and remove it after 10-12 minutes. Or you can use the juice of cucumbers or potatoes. Use a cotton ball, dip into the juice and place it on your eyes for some time. Keep in mind that the dark circles area is covered completely. Let it sit for 1-3 minutes, and then wash it off with cold water. You can also put pieces of cucumbers or potatoes onto your eyes for a quick fix.

Drink More Water And Reduce Salt Intake

As we all know, drinking more water can help you to beat your dark circles. Water is more abundant in parts of your body low in sodium (salt). In contrast, water is less plentiful in parts of your body high in sodium.

Too much salt and less water can make you look bloated and puffy. You are especially weak to dehydration in your eyes because the skin around them is so thin. Without enough water, your body looks dehydrated – i.e., red, puffy eyes – after eating a salty meal. Be sure to drink plenty of water if you plan to eat salty food and remove dark circles without worry.

Make Use of Cold Tea Bags

Start saving those tea bags if you drink green tea regularly! In addition, they remove dark circles, and they can also help you look younger. The antioxidants in these tea bags can enhance blood circulation under the eyes by boosting blood flow.

After soaking in hot water for a few minutes, chill the tea bags by freezing them. Put them on your eyes once cold, and let them sit for 20 minutes. After completing this step, wash your eyes with cold water.

Aloe Vera

It is easy for you to beat your dark circles with Aloe Vera. It is a good moisturizer. When skin is moisturized, it is less likely to sag and will remain healthy for a longer period. Furthermore, it can also aid in nourishing the skin and stopping early ageing. For 5-7 minutes before hitting the sack, gently massage Aloe Vera gel under your eyes. It is not necessary to rinse unless you feel uneasy and sticky.


Tomatoes are an ideal solution to beat your dark circles. It naturally helps to remove dark circles and also makes the skin supple and soft. Add one teaspoon of tomato juice with lemon juice and apply it under your eyes. Get some relaxation and let it remain for 10 minutes. After that, rinse it off with water. To get the best result, repeat this remedy two times a day. You can drink tomato juice mixed with lemon juice and mint leaves daily to eliminate dark circles.

Yoga And Meditation

Stress, sorrow, and irregular lifestyle contribute to dark circles. One has to stay calm and composed to get rid of dark circles. Stress is a natural part of our lives, so this isn’t always possible. Therefore, meditating and practising yoga daily is helpful.

Additionally, yoga calms the mind and holds the body clock. Still, more importantly, it handles most body problems from the core and thus helps to remove dark circles near your eyes.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the best ways to beat your dark circles. You can use these methods to remove dark circles at home and eliminate fear. After using these ways, your face will look clean and lovely. So what are you waiting for? Use these methods and get ready to look young.

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Ask Indian Friend Now

What is the best way to remove dark circles?

All these methods are best to get rid of dark circles. You can use them depending on your choice.

When do I have to consult the doctor in case of dark circles?

It’s time to contact the skin doctor if all the above methods do not work for you.

Do these methods have side effects on my skin?

These methods do not have side effects, but if a problem persists, contact the skin doctor immediately.

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