25 Best Indian Stores in New York

New York is the most bustling city in the US. The city has 5 boroughs – the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. New York is a true melting pot of so many different cultures. The New York area is great for stores and products from other countries. We at SBNRI have compiled a list of the 25 best Indian stores in New York. We hope that you will find this list interesting and helpful.

25 Best Indian Stores in New York
25 Best Indian Stores in New York

New York is a truly unique city. It has a charm and a special energy buzzing through it. Everywhere you turn you see people from different parts of the world. The city is very fast-paced and seems to be awake 24 hours a day. When it comes to Indian stores and areas, it is really not that different from markets back home. The vibe and the energy have been recreated here. It is nice to have a taste of home and it is very convenient to be able to find all the products you are looking for. 

25 Best Indian Stores in New York 

Indian Clothing Stores in New York

1. Vintage India NYC, Lexington Ave, New York

Vintage India NYC was featured in GQ and is a very popular store in New York City. It has Indian clothing for women, men and children. In wedding and formal wear for men they have jodhpuris, formal sherwanis, formal kurtas, pagadis (turbans) and juttis. In the same category for women, they have anarkali/gowns, lehengas and saris. They also have a casual wear section. 

2. Deshi Fashion, Bainbridge Ave, The Bronx, New York

Deshi Fashion houses a large variety of Indian bridal clothing. It also offers traditional Indian jewelry. 

3. Fabric Guy, Edison, NJ 08820, New York

Fabric Guy in Edison, New Jersey sells fabric for both casual and formal attire.

4. Virasat, Jackson Heights, New York

Virasat offers exclusive designer wear at wholesale prices. Virasat offers both traditional and Indo-Western styles. 

5. Debosree Fashion, Jackson Heights, New York

Debosree Fashion has traditional clothing for women and children. It also has jewelry and other accessories. 

6. Saree Bazar, New York, United States

Saree Bazaar has great prices and will help you to find the outfit you are looking for. 

7. Baby India, New York, United States

Baby India has traditional outfits for children. It has excellent customer service.

8. Heritage India Fashions, Lexington Ave, New York

Heritiage Indian fashions offers lehengas, gowns, salwar kameez, jewelry, sherwanis and vests amongst other items. Heritage also has bridal and groom wear. It also offers stoles and scarves. 

9. Jaipur Emporium Inc, Flushing, New York

Jaipur Emporium has some of the finest Indian clothes in New York. 

10. J Junaid Jamshed, New York, United States

J Junaid Jamshed was found in 2016 and is know for a variety of Indian clothing. 

Indian Jewelry Stores in New York 

11. Sanghavi Solitaire, 22 West 48th Street, New York, NY, United States

Sanghavi Solitaire was founded in 2012. It is one of the largest importers of loose diamonds in United States.

12. Indian Jewelry Mart, 1226 Broadway, New York, NY 10001

Indian Jewelry Mart has excellent reviews. It has very beautiful jewelry and has a lot of variety as well. 

13. Raj Jewels of London Inc, 3712 74th Street, Flushing, NY 11372

Raj Jewels was established in 1985. It has a wide variety of 18k diamond jewelry. It also has many collections in 22k gold. 

14. Kunal Jewelers, 37-08 74th Street, Jackson Heights, NY 11372

Kunal Jewelers has great reviews. It has jewelry for both men and women. It deals in gold, silver and diamond. Some of the items that stand out in gold are anklets, gold tikka and nose pins. In silver it has silver baby items amongst many other items. In diamond some special items are men’s diamond rings and diamond mangal sutra. 

 Indian Grocery Stores in New York 

15. Shan Groceries, 43-29 Main Street, Brookyln, NY 11255 

Contact Number: 718-460-5229

16. Raman Groceries Inc, 370 Avenue P, Brookyln, NY 11204 

Contact Number: 718-998-6827

17. Rafi Grocery, 581 Kings Hwy, Brookyln, NY 11223 

Contact Number: 718-998-870

18. Persaud West Indian & American, 4720 Avenue D, Brookyln, NY 11203 

Contact Number: 718-629-2410

19. Ni’s West Indian Grocery, 2700 Church Avenue, Brookyln, NY 11226 

Contact Number: 718-856-2603

20. Milan Grocery Store, 4928 New Utrecht Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219 

Contact Number: 718-633-0799

21.  Ditmas West Indian Grocery, Brookyln, NY 11218 

Contact Number: 718-871-1828

22. Das West Indian Grocery, 452 Autumn Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11208 

Contact Number: 718-277-2471

23. C & S West Indian Market, 2230 Church Avenue, Brookyln, NY 11226 

Contact Number: 718-856-5637

24. Bedesee Imports Inc., 140 Varick Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11237 

Contact Number: 718-628-8800

25. Bacchus West Indian Market, 1190 Rogers Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11226 USA

Contact Number: 718-462-5019

There are many more Indian clothing, jewelry and grocery stores in the New York area. There is certainly an enormous amount of variety available. This is what makes New York stand out. There is such a plethora of stores and resources all over the city and around it. It is an interesting experience to enjoy everything New York has to offer while being able to access everything from home. 

New York is also one of the major fashion capitals in the world. This makes shopping for clothes and jewelry here all the more special. There are obviously traditional styles available at many of the Indian stores. It is also inevitable that some of the latest trends in New York will find their way into some of the Indian clothing and jewelry. Many western clothes such as gowns made in India are available here.

We hope that you have found this list of the 25 best Indian Stores In New York informative.

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Are there many Indian clothing, jewelry and grocery stores in New York ?

Yes. There are a very high number of Indian clothing, jewelry and grocery stores in and around New York.

Are all the Indian stores in one place in the New York area ?

No the Indian stores are all spread out across New York City and around it.

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