Brazil Visa for Indians: Types, Eligibility & Fees

Brazil is known for its breathtaking beaches and waterfalls. Its annual carnival is famous worldwide for its vibrant, colorful and grandiose celebrations. Brazil has a global reputation for being a wonderful tourist spot. It is the quintessential place for outdoor activities. Today we will be explaining the Brazil visa for Indians. This article contains the various visa categories, the eligibility, processing times and fees. Our following article contains the required documents for each type of visa. 

Brazil Visa for Indians
Brazil Visa for Indians

Brazil Visa for Indians

Covid – 19 Instructions for the Brazil visa for Indians

At this time Covid-19 restrictions allow only the Brazil Business, Work and Family Reunion visas to be processed. Please only apply for urgent cases. 

Business, Work and Family Reunion visas (Urgent Cases Only due to Covid -19)

  • The applicant must send their visa application and all related scanned documentation by email to [email protected] 
  • They must make the subject of the email: ( type of visa) – RER number (xxxxxx-xxxxxx) – name of applicant –  valid Skype ID or WhatsApp

If all the documents are complete  (please refer to our next article for a complete list of documents for each kind of visa), an appointment will be scheduled. Please be ready with the original documents and payment for the scheduled appointment. The consular authority may request an online interview through skype or whatsapp. Incomplete applications will not be processed. 

After submission, the applicant can check the status of their application online here. They will be notified by email when they can collect their passport.

The Brazil Visa for Indians Categories are:

  • Visitor visa (Vivis)
  • Pre-approved Work visa (Vitem V)
  • Family Reunion/Dependent visa (Vitem XI)
  • Academic Research, Learning or Extension visa (Vitem I)
  • Temporary visa (Vitem)
  • Student visa (Vitem IV)
  • Pre-Approved Professional Artist and Sports Visa (Vitem XII)
  • Missionary Work Visa (Vitem VII)
  • Diplomatic and Official visas (Vidip/Visof)

Visitor Visa (Vivis)

The visitor visa holder cannot undertake paid work in Brazil and their stay must not exceed 90 days. 

Eligibility for Brazil Visa for Indians

The visitor visa is meant for the following types of activities:

  • Tourist activities
  • Cultural, educational or recreational activities
  • Family visits
  • Participation in conferences, workshops, congresses or reunions
  • Performing voluntary work up to 90 days
  • Research, learning or academic extension activities
  • Participation in meetings, fairs and business events. Seeking out business opportunities.
  • Media/film coverage
  • As an auditor or consultant
  • To join an aircraft or vessel as part of its crew
  • Travelers transiting through Brazilian airports to other countries, if the onward flight is booked under a separate ticket and/or different code.

Pre-approved Work Visa (Vitem V)

Application to be submitted by Brazilian company to the Brazilian Ministry of Labor

Eligibility for Brazil Visa for Indians

  • Work under a Brazilian employment contract approved by the Ministry of Labor
  • Local provision of services of any nature, including technical assistance and technology transfer
  • Provision of services to a Brazilian government agency/organization under a contract or an international agreement
  • Employees of foreign corporations to work as trainees or interns at their subsidiaries in Brazil, as well as intra-company or intra-conglomerate professional training or professional exchange program
  • Post graduate students seeking short term professional training during school holidays or vacation, without a formal employment relationship with a Brazilian company
  • Scientists, researchers, professors, technicians to work with public or private entities, educational entities or science/technology entities
  • Instructors or professors traveling to Brazil to teach a foreign language
  • Professional athletes
  • Crew member of a foreign tourism vessel operating in Brazilian waters, without local contract
  • Crew member of fishing vessel operating in Brazilian waters, chartered by a Brazilian company
  • Crew member of vessel or platform operating in Brazilian waters as the result of a lease contract with a Brazilian company
  • Dependents of crew members need a letter from the ship captain signed, inviting and authorizing them to be on the ship
  • Professionals without a work contract with a Brazilian company traveling to Brazil to perform studies and/or research regarding the preparation of bidding proposals for train lines

Family Reunion/Dependent Visa (Vitem XI)

Eligibility for Brazil Visa for Indians

Family reunions/dependent visas are meant for:

  • Family members of an individual ( “sponsor”) holding a temporary visa to Brazil
  • Descendants (sons, daughters, stepson, stepdaughter, or minor under the custody) of a Brazilian national or foreign temporary or permanent resident under the age of 18 years
  • Descendants (sons, daughters, stepson, stepdaughter, or minor under the custody) of a Brazilian national or foreign temporary or permanent resident over the age of 18 who are financially dependent on a Brazilian national or foreign temporary or permanent resident
  • Ascendants of a Brazilian national or foreign temporary or permanent resident, when there is evidence that the applicant needs to be under the care of the Brazilian national or foreign temporary or permanent resident
  • Brother/sister, grandson/granddaughter, great-grandson/great-granddaughter of a Brazilian national or foreign temporary or permanent resident, when orphan, single and under the age of 18 years of age, or of any age, when unable to provide for himself/herself
  • Spouse or civil-union or life partner of a Brazilian national or Foreign Temporary or Permanent Resident, regardless of gender/sex

Cultural and Academic Visa (Vitem I)

Eligibility for Brazil Visa for Indians

  • Scientists, professors, researchers (including post-doctoral students) and other professionals intending to pursue activities related to science, technology and innovation under an international cooperation program between research or educational entities, without a work contract in Brazil
  • Technical training in the operation and/or maintenance of machinery or equipment made in Brazil
  • Paid participation (“pro labore”) of scientists, professors, researchers or other professional to participate in a conference, seminar or congress, characterized as a set and defined event, for a maximum period of 30 days
  • Experts traveling under an international cooperation agreement
  • Community services and volunteering activities with non-profit NGO or religious social assistance organization for periods exceeding 90 days
  • Training in Brazil as a young amateur athlete (above 14 years and under 18 years)
  • Exchange student attending a regular course under a program sponsored by a cultural exchange organization

Student Visa (Vitem IV)

Eligibility for Brazil Visa for Indians

  • Student attending primary or or secondary school
  • Students attending University-level courses (undergraduate or graduate studies, including “sandwich” programs) registered at the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC) in Brazil
  • Specialization or graduate studies in the medical field
  • Student under PEC-G or PEC-PG program
  • Student traveling to Brazil for supervised academic internship
  • Theology students
  • Students of general courses, including language and technical courses

Pre-approved Professional Artist and/or Sports Event Visa (Vitem XII) 

Eligibility for Brazil Visa for Indians

Artists and athletes, as well as technicians that perform activities related to an artist or athlete (no employment with a Brazilian company or entity – requires prior approval by Ministry of Labor in Brazil)

Missionary Work Visa (Vitem VII)

Eligibility for Brazil Visa for Indians

Clergymen and missionaries with theological or academic religious education who intend to go to Brazil for religious purposes.

Diplomatic and Official Visas (Vidip/Visof)

Eligibility for Brazil Visa for Indians

Government officials and employees of international organizations on a long-term mission to Brazil require a visa. Diplomatic and official passport holders on short-term stays (90 days or less) are exempt from a visa. For longer stays and accreditation, a visa is required. The application for these visas could be submitted in India or in Brazil.

Check your visa status

The applicant can check visa status by:

  • Clicking on this link for Visa Status 
  • Then providing their name and date of birth 

Average Visa Processing Time for Brazil Visa for Indians:

Category Vivis

Average visa processing time for category Vivis is 15 days.

Other Category Visas

Other category visas take 30 working days

Important Note: Some nationalities require prior approval by the Ministry of External Relations and longer processing time can be expected. 

Understanding the Visa Status for Brazil visa for Indians:

The Embassy of Brazil normally informs 4 kinds of visa status:

1) “Received” – The application has been received in the system

2) “Processing” – The application is currently being processed by the Embassy

3) “Authorized” – The visa has been authorized and is on the way to being printed

4) “Ready for collection” – The visa has been issued and the passport is ready to be collected at the Visa Section of the Embassy on any working day between 4:00 and 4:45 PM

Travel Agent 

If the applicant is unable to find their application information on the website, and they haven’t applied for their visa personally, they are requested to confirm with their travel agent whether he has applied for the visa at the Embassy of Brazil.

Visa Fees & Method of Payment for Brazil Visa for Indians

Regular Fee for Brazil Visa for Indians

Visitor Visa (VIVIS)

INR 6,400.00

Temporary Visa  (VITEM I, III, IV, V, VIII, XI)

INR 8,000.00

Method of Payment:

The only method of payment currently accepted by the Embassy is a non-refundable identified bank transfer or deposit to:

Beneficiary Bank Name & Branch:  RBL Bank – Vasant Vihar.

Branch address:

  • RBL Bank Limited
  • Beneficiary Bank  IFSC Code: RATN0000182
  • Beneficiary Name: Embassy of Brazil Consular
  • Beneficiary Account Number: 409000487857
  • Beneficiary Address: 8, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Rd.

The applicant’s name must show up in the embassy’s bank account. The bank transfer should be made directly from the applicant’s own personal bank account and not from an agent’s account or any other third party account. Any transfer or deposit method that does not show the applicant’s name in the Embassy’s bank account will not be accepted for the payment of consular fees. If any credit is made without the identification of the applicant by name, it will not be processed and the amount cannot be refunded.

Please note that it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the transfer/payment indicates his/her name. Kindly note that it is not enough that the applicant’s name appears on the transaction receipt. The applicant’s name must appear in the embassy’s bank statement.

We hope that this article has been informative and helpful about the Brazil visa for Indians.

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How many Brazil visa categories are there for Indians ?

There are 9 categories of Brazil visas for Indians.

Which are the visas being processed during Covid-19 ?

Urgent cases of the Brazil Business, Work and Family Reunion visas are being processed currently during Covid-19.

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