NRI Investment in India: 5 tips to help you invest in 2022

NRI Investment in India: The Indian Market is like a boxing bag. It will take the hits to make you stronger. The year 2020 has been tough with the global market taking a massive drop with the spread of the pandemic, COVID-19. In such times, if you are looking to invest, we are here to guide you through the fact “Why the Indian Market is worth investing” along with providing 5 major tips to help you with your investments. So let’s begin:

NRI Investment in India: 5 tips to help you invest in 2022
NRI Investment in India: 5 tips to help you invest in 2020

NRI Investment in India: 5 tips to help you invest in 2022

Before we get to the tips. We want you to understand the essence of investments here. We are not talking about doubling your money instantly but will guide you through the various underlying aspects that can help you save yourself from double losses. This understanding is essential as we move ahead. You can be an NRI (Non-Resident Indian), but the Indian market doesn’t differentiate when it comes to providing profits. 

Now, we will try to figure out how certain investment vehicles and money transfer channels operate in India along with assessing the optimum ways to invest and benefit from them in the next segment.

1. Staggered investment in The Indian Stock Market: The Indian Stock Market has optimum potential to provide profits. The historical growth that it has shown with every major market collapse is incredible. But, the tip here would be to not go in with all that you have got. Make it a staggered process. Play your cards well, place the long term bets and you are good to go.

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You might know what to do, but what makes it simpler is knowing how to do it. To make sure that the tip we gave you proves to be profitable, you need to top it with the correct choices. The next segment will guide you through how you can optimize your transfers to India before investing them further.

2. Choose the best medium to transfer funds: You might have made up your mind and selected the perfect way to invest in the current Indian Market but you may lose some funds if you don’t trace the most efficient mediums for transfering your funds in India. There are plenty of mediums that will offer cheap and swift transfers but the tip for you here is that you need to pick out the best one from the lot.

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Once you have sent your money to India, you might want to add a certain interest to it while you invest some part of the funds. Money that brings more money is an asset. You can opt for certain deposits to earn tax-free interest on your funds, which we will discuss in the next section.

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3. Book NRE Deposits in India: With everything that has been happening in the world right now, this is the perfect time to book NRE Deposits in India. With the current rates of interest, you can gather a profitable margin. Remember, the banks will cut short these rates very soon to curb their losses. The tip here would be that you need to act fast as there is a sense of urgency that has been created if you want to capitalize on the current market scenario.

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Till now, all we have been guiding you through was the markets and how to save your money from losses. But given the present situation, the wisest investments will be catering to the safety of yourselves and your loved ones. Investment in life is always superior to investments done for material profits. On that note, we would provide you the most valuable tip for the day, which is..

4. Get Insurance: Securing your life along with your parents and loved ones is the most important investment you should go ahead with. The tip here would be to get COVID-19 specific health insurance or general health covers, whatever suits best for you and your loved ones. Prioritize this task as the people who love you are the greatest source of wealth.

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And before we talk about the final tip, the entire team of SBNRI would like to request you to keep patience at such a time and use it to carve out your investment cycles for the future and guarantee a wonderful future ahead. This brings us to the final tip of the article, which is..

5. Invest in People: We, at SBNRI believe that businesses and the companies are all smaller when it comes to people and their culture. To invest right, you always need to root for the source. Invest in companies, not in stocks. Invest on vision, not on graphs. That’s the final tip from our side and as Idowu Koyenikan says “When money realizes that it is in good hands, it wants to stay and multiply in those hands.”

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There you go! We tried to guide you through the 5 tips that will help you in investing in the Indian market in 2020. If you have any queries or doubts regarding investments or anything related to NRI Banking needs, contact us using the button below.

Stay Safe! Keep investing.

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