Vaibhav Mehta asked on 23/03/2020

How to change citizenship in a Pan Card?

answered on 23/03/2020

There are no direct provisions to change citizenship in a Pan Card as the PAN Card doesn’t display your citizenship. It is a document required to file taxes, carry out investments and do transactions in India whether you are a citizen, NRI or OCI.


However, you can apply for a new PAN Card as a foreign citizen or get the details of your current PAN Card changed by applying for it at NSDL where you also get the option of selecting your current citizenship to get it updated on the PAN Database. Therefore, you can not change citizenship in a Pan Card but apply for a new one as a foreign citizen by following the process mentioned below.


The process to do that is simple:

      • Visit NSDL online website
      • Apply for Change in Pan details
      • Submit the changes required (you can choose your current citizenship status here)
      • Opt for Pan Card delivery (over email or in Physical Form) and pay the fees. The fees for getting the Pan Card in Physical Form for the following address of communication are- (Indian): Rs.101/- (Overseas): Rs.1,011/- (For e-Pan Cards): Rs.66/-

For providing a Proof of Citizenship to change the communication address to your overseas address, copies of the following documents are necessary:

      • Passport
      • OCI Card
      • Bank Account Statement in the country of residence
      • NRE Bank Account Statement in India
      • Residential Permit


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