Arnav Singh asked on 22/03/2020

What are the charges of remittance to India?

answered on 22/03/2020

There are no charges of remittance to India. However, you can be charged as per the following factors:

  • Platform chosen for remittance
  • Speed of Medium chosen for remittance

Charges of remittance to India: NRI Remittance 2020


Explanation w.r.t charges of remittance to India:

If you send money from US to India for example, through any banking network such as Citibank, there are no additional charges for sending money to own or partner bank accounts of the bank chosen for money transfer. But if you opt for money transfer through any Transfer Operator such as Transferwise, you will have to pay up to an $4.77 per $200; but you get the ease of sending money to India from your phone in the most easy and convenient way. You can also visit an agent and pay an additional $9.04 per $200 (Western Union) to send money to India and get your money transferred within an hour.



    • Bank (Citibank): Same day money transfer at no extra cost for sending money to one’s own or partner bank accounts.
    • Transfer Operator (Transferwise): Transfer money easily and conveniently in 1 to 2 days with an additional charge of $4.77 per $200.
    • Agents (Western Union): Send money instantly (within an hour) with an additional charge of $9.04 per $200.
      The urgency of transfer will cost you more. If you have time and you choose the right medium, you can do the same for free.


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