Time it Takes to Send Money from Germany to India

There are several ways to send money from Germany to India. The table below shows the charges and the time it takes to send money from Germany to India. Please select the best option depending on your needs.

Time is Takes to Send Money from Germany to India.

Money Transfer Operators: Money transfer operators (MTOs) are financial companies (but usually not banks) engaged in cross border transfer of funds using either their internal system or using their collaborations with other international banking networks. Eg: Wise, Western Union. 

SWIFT: Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (Offline money transfer facility that can be availed at bank branches overseas)

Foreign Currency Demand Drafts: A form of demand draft made in foreign currency at various bank branches located overseas to remit money to India. The equivalent amount in INR will be debited for remittance

Time and Charges

PlaceInternet/Mobile BankingMoney Transfer OperatorsAgentsForeign Currency Demand DraftSWIFT Transfers
Germany3-5 days 
Fee 17.18 Euros 
Immediate – 3 days
Fee 0  +  Good Exchange Rate 
Cash immediate or 1-2 days
Fee .9 Euro + Low Foreign Exchange Cost
Total cost around 7 -10% 
Immediate – 3 days
Draft making fee 
1-5 days
Minimal Fees
Time and Charges


In order to transfer money from Germany to India, which is better: a bank or an operator ?

A bank transfer is more expensive than using an operator. An operator such as Wise is faster and cheaper. Swift transfers on the other hand take longer but are cheaper. 

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