1 GBP to INR Conversion – Convert Pound to Indian Rupee

GBP to INR Today

GBP to INR Conversion: GBP, also known as British Pound Sterling, is the official currency of the United Kingdom, the South Sandwich Islands, the British Overseas Territories of South Georgia, the British Antarctic Territory and the UK crown dependencies the Isle of Man and the Channels Islands. The Sterling is the fourth most-traded currency in the foreign exchange market, trailing the USD, Euro and Japanese Yen in daily volume. 

1 GBP to INR Conversion - Convert Pound to Indian Rupee
GBP to INR Conversion

NRIs living in the countries where GBP is used can easily transfer money to their loved ones in India using the SBNRI platform. SBNRI has a tie-up with Wise (formerly known as Transferwise) to facilitate instant online money transfer to India at a nominal cost. You can use the currency converter to know GBP to INR conversion rate in seconds, before sending money to India. 

1 GBP to INR Today 

1 British Pound Sterling = 101.80 Indian Rupee

SBNRI has a partnership with Nium: Global Payment Services to facilitate quick and easy online fund transfer to India at a low cost.

GBP to INR Rate (British Pound Sterling to Indian Rupees) Trend: March 2023

February 2023Currency Exchange Rate: GBP to INR
1st Feb Rate100.64 INR
28th Feb Rate99.68 INR
Highest Rate99.90 INR (10th Feb)
Lowest Rate100.28 INR (3rd Feb)
Average performanceFalling
% Change-0.97%
1 GBP to INR Feb 2023

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Factors affecting exchange rates

A host of factors such as inflation rates, terms of trade, government debt, deficits, economic conditions of both countries, etc. influence exchange rates. Amongst them, the economic stability of both countries, inflation rate and terms of trade are the key factors. 

Transfer Fee VS Exchange Rate, What is the cheapest medium of remittance to India?

Right time to convert British Pound Sterling to INR or another way?

The best time to convert a foreign currency, in this case GBP, to INR is when the British Pound Sterling is at its strongest, which means when you get the most INRs for your GBP. In such a case, your beneficiary will receive a high amount in Rupees. Similarly, if you need to repatriate money from India to the UK, the right time is when INR is the strongest. You should take enough time to observe currency movements and monitor at least one month before your holiday and buy when the rate is increasing and British Pound Sterling is strongest.

How to get the best GBP to INR rates 

NRIs can get preferential rates on GBP to INR conversion and other benefits when transferring funds to their loved ones in India by contacting SBNRI experts. At SBNRI, we keep a close eye on the exchange rate on a regular basis to help NRIs with their remittances and investment. You can download SBNRI App to connect with our experts. They will help you evaluate the optimal time for remitting money to India. 

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