mPassport Seva App: Features & Instructions

mPassport Seva is the mobile app launched by the ministry of external affairs. It is designed to provide all passport related services to Indians through a quick, simple and efficient experience. The app is convenient and also a great way for Indians outside the country and students in different parts of India to access passport services away from home. We are glad to have to have the opportunity to review the features of the mPassport Seva App and explain some of its key uses.

mPassport Seva App
mPassport Seva App

mPassport Seva App Features

Users can now access these features on their smartphones using the mobile app mPassport Seva:

  • New User Registration,
  • Existing User Login
  • Apply for Passport Services
  • Pay online
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Know Location of Passport Centers
  • Fee Details
  • Application Status
  • Contact Information 
  •  General Information.

Solutions Offered by the mPassport Seva App

Basic Services

  • The app provides registration, application, payment and appointment scheduling services for passport related services

Passport Service Information 

  • The app provides information on the various steps involved in order to obtain passport related services and where to call with queries or concerns.

Contact Information

  • The users can search for a Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) or District Passport Cell (DPC) through the app. Indian citizens living abroad can search for information about  missions/posts abroad. Certain states and districts  can search for police stations as well.


  • The fee calculator feature of the application allows users to search for the required service fees and the method of paying them.

Required Documents

  • The document advisor assists with required documents that are needed by the passport office for application submission.

Passport Application Status 

  • The passport applications can be tracked by entering the file number and date of birth. The delivery status of dispatched passports can also be tracked.

mPassport Seva App Download

mPassport Seva is available on Android and iOS platforms. The latest version of the application can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store. 

Apply for passport using mPassport Seva App ?

1. Download the mPassport Seva app available for Android or iOS

2. Open the app

3. Click on ‘New User Register’

4. Select the Passport Office from the drop-down menu

5. Next, enter the details like name, date of birth, email ID etc

6. Then provide the unique login ID (It can be the same as the email ID that the applicant uses)

7. Provide a strong password

8. Select, a security question and answer in order to retrieve the password if it is forgotten

9. Enter the captcha code and click on ‘Submit’

10. On doing so, an email with a verification link would be sent to the provided email address by the passport office to activate the account

11. On clicking the verification link, the applicant will be redirected to a new webpage and asked to enter the login ID for confirmation

12. After the account is verified, the applicant is required to close the app and relaunch it

13. Next, the applicant is required to click on the “Existing User” tab

14. Enter the Login ID, password, and the captcha code.

15. Then, click on “Apply for fresh passport”

16. Fill in the form and follow the steps mentioned on the app

17. Pay the requisite fee

18. The next and final step is to fix an appointment to visit a passport center for document verification

Tracking Application Status Using mPassport Seva Tracker

1. The status of a new passport application can be tracked by the “Status Tracker” on the app. 

2. Once the user has clicked on the “Status Tracker” icon, they need to select “Application Status”. 

3. The user then needs to provide the file number and their date of birth and click “Track”.

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Can one apply for a passport using their smart phone ?

Yes, using the mPassport Seva app.

Can one track the status of their passport application through the mPassport Seva app?

Yes they can, through the “status tracker” on the app.

How can one find out about fees for passport services on the mPassport Seva app ?

The “Fee Calculator” on the app, allows users to find out the necessary fees and how to pay them.

Can payments be made through the mPassport Seva App ?

Yes, the app allows for payments to be made. 

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