Nikita Bhansali asked on 10/03/2023

How can I get a Pan Card immediately?

answered on 23/03/2023

Yes! To get a Pan Card instantly (in under 10 minutes), all you need is an Aadhar Card. Follow these steps to get your Pan Card in 10 minutes:

get pan card immediately


If you have an Aadhar Card:

  • Go to Income Tax Department’s e-filing portal
  • Click on “Instant Pan through Aadhar” section under “Quick Links”
  • Enter and Validate Aadhar Details and otp received on the registered mobile number
  • Download your PAN Card in pdf format from the income tax website (The pdf will also be emailed to you if your email id is registered with the Aadhar database)

If you don’t have an Aadhar Card:


You can still opt for the regular process for a new PAN Card under the application process specially designed for foreign citizens (Form 49AA)(Application for Allotment of Permanent Account Number for individuals who aren’t a Citizen of India):

  • Submit your details on NSDL
  • Wait for the card to be processed
  • Get your PAN Card delivered to your registered address and email (e-PAN)



NRI PAN Card Importance

NRI Banking Accounts comprise of NRE, NRO and FCNR Accounts. A basic overview to understand the importance of PAN Card with respect to these three accounts can be understood as:

  • PAN card is mandatory if an NRI has taxable income in India.
  • NRIs need to have a PAN card to make an investment in securities or mutual funds.
  • If they wish to purchase property or vehicles in India.
  • A PAN card is also mandatory to deposit amounts over a certain limit.
  • PAN serves a useful purpose to simplify the KYC procedure in most banks.

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