Best Mutual Fund Apps

The top mutual fund apps in India are of immense help to people investing in mutual funds. In this article, we review 7 such mutual fund apps. At the top of our list, we have the SBNRI app that caters to NRIs specifically. It was recently covered by the Hindu, where founder Mudit VIjayvergiya focused on how SBNRI helps NRIs in their banking and investments in India. Along with the best app for mutual funds for NRIs, we describe several other apps for mutual funds. Let us start with what mutual funds are and proceed to the best mutual fund apps in India 2022.

For queries regarding mutual fund investment process, NRIs can download SBNRI app or speak to SBNRI team.

What are Mutual Funds

A corporation that pools money from several people and invests it in securities like stocks, bonds, and short-term debt is known as a mutual fund. The portfolio of a mutual fund refers to all of its holdings, Investors purchase mutual fund shares. Each share reflects a shareholder’s ownership interest in the fund and the revenue it produces.

Reasons to Invest in Mutual Funds

  • Diversification of Portfolio 
  • Many Schemes to Choose From
  • Liquidity of Open-Ended Mutual Funds
  • Investment through lump sum or SIP
  • Small Amount Investment
  • Cost-Efficient 


SBNRI was formed in order to simplify banking and investment for NRIs in India. The platform also provides non-resident external (NRE) accounts to assist NRIs in transferring their income received in a foreign country to India, in addition to the opening of NRO (non-resident ordinary) accounts for NRIs to manage and maintain their income earned in India in rupees, such as rent, dividends, and pension. Access to investments in more than seven asset classes, including both conventional and modern investing choices, is also provided. Their mutual fund services on the app are a must-use.

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Best Mutual Fund Apps
Best Mutual Fund Apps

Zerodha Mutual Fund App

Coin by Zerodha is a fairly simple app for mutual fund investment. You can log in to your Zerodha account on the app and take it from there. A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) can be created on this app. The SIP can also be changed whenever information needs to be updated. You can read the information on various financial plans, ELSS funds, and tax filing requirements on the app. Regarding software functionality, the Coin By Zerodha app’s user interface has been fine-tuned. It is simple to use; more crucially, the dedicated investment calculator makes it simple to switch between financial schemes and comprehend them.


If you are unfamiliar with the mutual fund investment strategy, this is a great place to start. With its simple features and ease of use, this software enables you to make decisions and carry out financial planning without much difficulty. You can track all of your investments, annual returns, and other information on a single dashboard. You only need to complete an account verification through KYC to get yourself enrolled on the app. All of your financial information is kept secure by the application’s 128-bit SSL encryption. This user-friendly tool is arguably the finest for investing in mutual funds and initiating SIPs.

Paytm Money Mutual Funds App

Paytm’s main function is to be used to pay vendors, but it also offers other financial services that you may simply choose from. Install the Paytm Money app, then start using it. In addition to receiving a 1% greater return on the Paytm Money app, you can also establish your financial portfolio and access a variety of investment plans.

Also, the app doesn’t have any additional fees if you frequently buy or sell mutual funds. To start your financial investment plan and open an account on the Paytm Money app, it simply takes 30 minutes. Paytm makes sure you receive high-quality service when creating your account, and as a result, the registration process is completely paperless. So, download the Paytm Money app and organize your finances carefully.


You can easily establish an account on Kuvera in a few steps thanks to its distinctive and straightforward user experience. You can manage joint family accounts, build your own financial portfolio, and monitor your investments. The app also features a straightforward yet useful dashboard where you can get all the details of the insurance, financial plan, and SIP. It also enables you to make life objectives and assess your progress. Additionally, it suggests hot mutual funds that can help you reach your objective.


The ETMoney app is multifunctional and award-winning. Setting up your account and building your financial portfolio is simple. The financial calculator on the app is the most intriguing feature; all you have to do is enter a goal, and the software will then instantly propose a number of mutual fund investing strategies. Additionally, it features a very simple approach for integrating with different payment apps like GPay, PhonePe, Paytm, etc. The personalized portion of this app, which will display the top mutual funds to invest in based on the mutual fund scheme’s previous performance, is its important feature.

 myCAMS Mutual Funds App

One of the simpler and lighter apps on this list is myCAMS. Everything is readily available to use because of the small file size and straightforward interface. MyCAMS avoids confusing you and streamlines the process of investing in mutual funds for you.

Moreover, although it is not an extensively beautified app, it is feature-rich. There is the login via PIN and Pattern feature. Then, you can view your MF portfolio or open new folios. Additionally, you can easily set up your SIP, purchase, switch, and do whatever you find convenient, seamlessly.

SBNRI is an authorised Mutual Fund Distributor platform & registered with Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI). ARN No. 246671

To ask any questions related to the rights of NRIs, PIOs, and OCIs, you can download SBNRI App from the Google Play Store or App Store. You can also use the SBNRI app for investment in stock market/ mutual funds, NRI account opening, tax filing, etc. To ask any questions, click on the button below. Also, visit our blog and YouTube channel for more details.

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Note: Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme information and other related documents carefully before investing. Past performance is not indicative of future returns.


What is the best mutual fund app designed exclusively for NRIs?

The SBNRI app.

What are mutual funds?

A corporation that pools money from several people and invests it in securities like stocks, bonds, and short-term debt is known as a mutual fund.

What do you need to sign into the Zerodha app?

You need a Zerodha account. 

What is an interesting feature of the ETMoney App?

The financial calculator on the app is the most intriguing feature; all you have to do is enter a goal, and the software will then instantly propose a number of mutual fund investing strategies. 

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