Where to Buy the Best Banarasi Saree in India and Online

Banarasi sarees are famous amongst most Indian women. They are best known for their gold and silver zari work and beautiful embroidery. These sarees come in various colors and gorgeous designs. In this article, we talk about where to buy the best Banarasi saree in India and online.

These sarees often define the look of many women on their wedding day. Indian women also choose to wear these sarees on other special occasions paired with gorgeous jewelry. The popularity of these sarees was in the days of our ancestors as well. Even our grandmothers were in love with these elegant and exotic sarees.

The sarees predominately have motifs of flowers and leaves and can take up to six months to be crafted. Pure silk, organza, shattir, and georgette are famous types of Banarasi sarees. Several renowned brands produce Banarasi sarees of premium quality. Make sure that you buy your saree from a well-known store. You can also buy these sarees online.

Where to Buy the Best Banarasi Saree in India and Online. Image from weddingwire.in

How to Choose a Place to Buy Banarasi Sarees?

So you are dreaming about a gorgeous Banarasi saree. Where can you find one of good quality?

To understand which shop to choose, you must keep the following points in mind. These valuable tips will be beneficial in your search.

1) Always visit a renowned shop or site to get your sarees.

Never go to shops or use sites having a bad reputation. Getting your sarees from a reputed shop or location is always safe as it ensures that the saree is of good quality.

2) Try to find out the customer reviews.

If you are buying your saree online, check the reviews and ratings of the site before buying the saree. 

If you want to buy a Banarasi saree from a shop, consult customers who have already shopped from there. 

Ask about their experiences, and try to find out how they feel about the quality and the texture. Consider buying from the shop only if you get positive reviews from most of the people you have consulted.

3) Buy your saree from a shop or site with no record of fraudulent activities.

Research well before going to a shop to buy a saree. Verify if it has any record of fraudulent activity. If you want to avail of your saree online, make sure you do so from a site with no record of cheating its customers. Customer reviews will be of immense help here. 

4) Select a shop or site that produces genuine Banarasi sarees.

Make sure that the shop or site you are buying your saree from sells genuine products. Never compromise on the quality to get a saree at a low cost.

Varanasi – The Best Place in India for Banarasi Sarees

Banarasi sarees have their origin in the traditional Indian state of Varanasi. The Mughal designs inspired the designs of sarees. These sarees exude elegance and beauty. Women have loved wearing Banarasi Sarees since time immemorial. The gold and silver threads adorn the saree and give it an exquisite look. 

Varanasi is home to several Banarasi saree houses. You can get an exclusive collection of these sarees in the saree houses. 

Pashmina and Korial sarees are some of the varieties of Banarasi sarees in Varanasi. The stunning artwork and jaw-dropping borders make each piece unique. You can choose from a variety of sarees of different colors and designs. You can also buy your wedding saree from Varanasi. 

This traditional type of saree beautifully blends the qualities of silk and georgette. These sarees exemplify Indian beauty and are synonymous with Varanasi. Do not miss out on a chance to buy exquisite Banarasi sarees if you visit Varanasi.

The cost of these sarees can range from a thousand rupees to three-four lakhs. The price of a Banarasi saree depends on the number of intricate designs in it. Silk threads and zari work are the most expensive aspects. The weaving processes involved in producing these sarees are also tedious and involve expert craftsmen.

Several renowned shops also use e-commerce platforms to allow customers to buy sarees worldwide. Multiple popular online sites offer unique sarees. They also offer discounts during  specific times of the year.

These sarees enhance feminine charm and beauty and give a classic look. Feel elegant and refined in your lovely Banarasi Sari.

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Are these sarees available in various colors?

Banarasi sarees are available in a range of colors. 

Can I buy such sarees online?

You can buy these sarees online, but check their reviews and popularity before purchasing any product. 

Are these sarees available only in Varanasi?

No Banarasi sarees are popular and are available everywhere. Either buy it from popular retail stores or order it online. 

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