The Big Indian Wedding for NRIs

Do you have an Indian wedding coming up? How exciting! Indian weddings are amongst the most popular celebrations to attend. Let’s find out what this big Indian wedding for NRIs is all about.

Indians dream of grand weddings and hope to create a truly memorable experience. People often start imagining and planning their wedding years in advance. Making all of your dreams come true in a spectacular fashion requires special planning. NRI weddings are particularly interesting and complex to plan. Will the wedding be in India or abroad? Which location can the maximum number of guests make it to? Which cultural themes and traditions will the wedding include? How will the non-Indian guests prepare for all the different festivities? We are here to answer all these questions. 

The grand event can have high points such as amazing food, decor, venue, dancing, music, and sentimental moments. It is an event that will be remembered with great joy for years to come. The exquisite sarees and lehengas and traditional jewelry are always a sight to behold. The dazzling colors make the celebration come alive. Traditions such as the groom coming in on a horse are highly anticipated. People from other countries are now so familiar with Indian wedding festivities that they are eager to attend and be a part of them. 

Long after the festivities are over you recall the colors in the event, the beautiful aroma of rose petals and fragrant dishes, the fun and frolic, the joy and gusto of the dances, and the poignant, touching moments of the wedding ceremony. 


So let’s start! How many events do you want to have and in what order? Some like more events than others, but 2 or 3 seem quite a frequently held number. Some examples of events are the mehendi, sangeet, cocktails, the marriage itself, and a reception. Both families can coordinate and decide the ideal combination. The next thing to do is to figure out the auspicious dates for the functions. 


The Invitation card is a big deal! Planning and organizing your guest list and invitations requires several steps. It may also take more time than you think, as you have to be fairly selective about the list. The list may also have to be discussed with several family members. After you have narrowed down a number, you will need to find out how many can make it to the wedding. Then, you will have to figure out the logistics and details. 

You will also need to communicate how many functions you are planning to have. The details of each function will have to be ironed out. Once this complicated task is done, you need to be sure to send out the invitations well in time for the big event. 

Invitation cards are usually coordinated with the theme of the events. It has become customary to send a coordinated gift such as a sweet box with the invitations to your guests. It may take time to select an invitation you are sure you like. Choose the designs, colors, and styles that suit you the best. 


A very central part of the agenda is the venue where you want to hold the event. A critical decision is which country the wedding will be held in. In countries like the U.S., many hotels offer to set up cultural themes for your weddings. This includes the setting up of an Indian-themed wedding with mandap, feras etc. This option offers the best of both worlds as you can have a traditional Indian wedding in a country such as the U.S. You can also decide between a beautiful indoor venue or perhaps even a beach wedding. It is very common for NRIs to come to India for their weddings. At the end of the day, India is the real deal!

There are so many palaces, resorts, and hotels in India specializing in weddings. The food, ambiance, service, and history make you feel like royalty. The Indian hospitality industry has so much to offer in this regard.


Food as we all know is a defining element of the celebrations. Many hotels and organizers allow you to taste an array of dishes before narrowing down on the ones you want to include. This is a very useful as well as enjoyable exercise. It ensures that you know exactly how what you are serving will taste at the big events. Whether it is a vegetarian or non-vegetarian menu the list of options is inexhaustible. The dessert list is extensive as well. Jalebis, gulab jamuns, rabri, kheer, rasgullas, malpoas and cakes are the most common ones. Eclectic cuisines are often found in functions nowadays. You can mix and match cuisines from all over the world.

The beverage options also fall under this category. Whether you want to include alcohol or not is certain to matter to you and your guests. Adding alcohol is generally significantly more expensive. You will also have to check the rules and restrictions of the venue and the area in which you plan to celebrate your events. 

Dance Planning

On to the dances! Dances hold such a special place – they lead to great enjoyment in the choreography and improvisation, and a tremendous amount of entertainment and involvement for the bride, groom, and guests. In many cases, the bride or the groom or both are skilled dancers and choreographers. This is always great because the dances and skits become all the more relevant and significant for the couple getting married. 

The best dances call for great music. Make sure that the songs and remixes are chosen carefully and guaranteed to delight the guests. The correct volume is undeniably important for the dancers and viewers alike. If no one in your family or friends knows how to choreograph you can always consider a professional choreographer. A great D.J can transform your night. Make sure to tell them all your favorite numbers.

The end goal of the performances should be to get the guests enthused enough for the dance floor themselves! Everyone should be having a gala time after the end of the performances. 

Outfits for Events (especially non-Indian guests)

The bride and groom shine resplendently on the big days. A considerable amount of effort, time and money has to be invested into the bridal trousseau. And what about the guests? In these cross-country events, the guests may be Indian as well as from other countries. If you are planning any theme for your parties, you will have to explain that in great detail. Guests that are not Indian need to prepare for the Indian clothing that is worn to weddings in general. It is a good idea to have a list of the kind of outfit suggested and how formal or informal each particular event is. They will need help with the traditional outfits. Mehendi functions typically call for yellow or other bright colors, for example. 

The Horse

Last but not least – the horse! Perhaps this can be a bit grandiose and embarrassing for some but it really adds to the festive and dramatic feel of the big event. It is a great way for the groom to come in style with his baraat dancing all the way. It is so memorable, so enjoyable, and a great way to approach the wedding. It is an excellent and traditional way to make a statement!

Horses and traditional wear such as the sehra are available in countries like the U.S. Cities with Indian markets are very likely to hold whatever you may need for your big day. Nevertheless, people love to shop in India for all wedding-related needs, regardless of where the event is going to take place. 

The Big Day!

So finally your big day is here! It is the special time for the rights and rituals. You may have different customs and communities coming together, especially if you are an NRI. These customs hold a lot of meaning and help to cement the everlasting bond. Enjoy the celebrations!

The Big Indian Wedding for NRIs
The Big Indian Wedding for NRIs

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Should NRIs celebrate their wedding in India or abroad?

This totally depends on your personal preferences. India offers many amazing venues with exceptional service. The ambiance and experience are generally great for the price. There are so many countries outside of India where one can have a beautiful Indian wedding as well. All elaborate rituals and customs can be upheld. Where the majority of your guests are is certainly a deciding factor.

What should one consider about alcohol at their events?

One needs to consider the additional prices of having alcohol and the rules and restrictions in the area and venue where they are planning to hold their event. 

What is the process of selecting the banquets for these functions?

Usually, there is a tasting process for the dishes. This allows you to choose the ones you want at your event. 

Is it possible to find wedding-related needs outside of India?

Yes in Indian markets, especially in the bigger cities. Many wedding-related needs can be found in such markets.

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