5 Lifestyle Diseases That Are Common in Indians

Lifestyle diseases are conditions including obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and others strongly correlated with our way of life. India has an extremely high prevalence of lifestyle diseases because of the country’s evolving way of life. With a population of more than 1.2 billion, India is a nation that is rapidly developing. In addition to the vast population and insufficient healthcare infrastructure, India has a sizable population of frequently disadvantaged individuals. When they become chronic and affect most people, they are challenging to treat. Also, In India, lifestyle diseases are more prevalent. Indian lifestyle diseases are brought on by poor sanitation, diet, and hygiene. For this reason, all Indians must prioritize their health. Let us understand about the 5 lifestyle diseases that are common in Indians.

5 Lifestyle Diseases That Are Common in Indians
5 Lifestyle Diseases That Are Common in Indians Image Source: istockphoto.com

What Are Diseases of Lifestyle?

Lifestyle diseases are conditions brought on by a person’s lifestyle decisions. In India, numerous lifestyle disorders are widespread. Obesity, heart disease, and diabetes are some of these illnesses.

Indian food and the individual’s level of physical activity are frequently to blame for these illnesses. Many Indians consume high-fat, high-sugar foods and are entirely passive. A good diet and regular exercise are two ways to prevent these lifestyle diseases.

Common Lifestyle Diseases in India

Given that the average age of an Indian is only 58, lifestyle diseases are widespread in this country. With a third of the population suffering from diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, lifestyle illnesses are a significant issue in India. High consumption of processed foods and inactivity are the leading causes of Diseases in Indians.


Another common lifestyle disease, obesity, can even affect children. It was shown that the number of obese people in India doubled between 1955 and 2015. Studies revealed that women were more likely to get the condition. We can only anticipate an increase in obesity as sedentary behavior becomes the norm rather than the exception. Also, particularly in the Eastern and Northern regions of India, hypertension seems to be a widespread condition. Compared to rural dwellers, males, like urban individuals, appear at a higher risk for this disease. Significant amounts of stress are a factor in this illness.


Women are more likely than men to have COPD, and the risk is highest for them between the ages of 36 and 50 when it is about 1.3 times higher than for men. Another illness that can develop as a result of environmental exposure is this one. Another prevalent lifestyle disease in India is arteriosclerosis, a condition in which the walls of the arterial blood vessels stiffen. This illness frequently co-occurs with diabetes, high blood pressure, and unbalanced weight.

Cardiac Diseases

Many Indians are also afflicted with cardiac problems brought on by injury to the heart muscle or blood vessels. These issues may also be correlated with inactivity, smoking, excessive cholesterol, and diabetes. According to reports, this factor accounts for 26% of deaths nationwide. Cancer is another illness that isn’t frequently considered a lifestyle disease. However, regular exposure to numerous cosmetics and home items may increase cancer risk. 20% of the time, exposure to environmental pollutants is the cause of the condition. Also, the prevalence of mental health disorders has increased, particularly during and after COVID. The list is lengthy when considering why these illnesses are spreading throughout India. It includes a lack of social connection, spending extended periods alone indoors, significant changes in lifestyle, and the loss of close family members.

Liver Cirrhosis

People who drink too much frequently often complain of liver cirrhosis. This illness has also been on the rise among Indians, with social gatherings at work being the norm and alcohol use being seen as a show of sophistication.

Ear Infections

The prevalence of ear infections in children and adults is another effect of the online lifestyle we have been leading for several months. Long-term exposure to loud noises, including music, conversations, or any other sounds, using headphones can lead to ear infections that permanently impair your ability to hear.

Root Causes of Lifestyle Diseases

5 Lifestyle Diseases That Are Common in Indians- Root Causes
5 Lifestyle Diseases That Are Common in Indians- Root Causes Image Source: randpark.co.za

These illnesses are often brought on by a person’s habits, restrictions, and limitations brought on by their lifestyle, as well as any exposure or lack thereof that their lifestyle demands. To make things easier, we can group causes into:

  • Drugs, alcohol, and smoking
  • Pollutant exposure at work or home
  • Lack of physical activity and hours of extended immobility
  • Practices that harm the body directly (earphones, poor seating)
  • Unhealthy or poor eating practices (plenty of processed food, little or no nutritional value in diet, lack of hydration)
  • High levels of stress
  • Insufficient or poor sleep

Ways to Prevent Lifestyle Diseases

The good news in this situation is that it is possible to eliminate the harmful link between lifestyle and illnesses by adjusting to the former. These four guidelines are essential to remember to Prevent lifestyle diseases:

  • Keep a check on your weight and keep it steady.
  • Emphasize healthy meals
  • Keep your body and mind busy.
  • Stay away from drugs, alcohol, and smoking.
  • Participate in routine preventative screenings.


India has a very sedentary way of life. The typical Indian only engages in physical activity for 1.5 hours every day. The body cannot reap the total rewards of exercise in this amount of time. Numerous lifestyle disorders are prevalent in Indians. These include cancer, diabetes, and hypertension. There are ways to stop these illnesses, though. You can, for instance, eat healthily and work out.

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Ask Indian Friend Now

What is the leading contributor to lifestyle diseases?

Lifestyle diseases develop chronic diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and share risk factors with extended exposure to three modifiable lifestyle behaviors: smoking, eating poorly, and being inactive.

How are lifestyle-related diseases identified?

The following are the several tests used to identify this type of lifestyle disease: cardiovascular imaging. CT imaging. Radiation tests.

What are the risk factors for diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle?

Smoking, a poor diet, inactivity, and stress are risk factors associated with lifestyle-related diseases.

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