Who is seafarer – resident seafarer and non-resident seafarer?

Who is a seafarer?

A seafarer or merchant navy worker is someone who works for a shipowner to do ship service on the sea. Work performed by seafarers includes assisting as a crew member in the operation and maintenance of ships as part of his/her contractual employment. 

Who is seafarer - resident seafarer and non-resident seafarer?
Who is a seafarer

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As far as the special rules for merchant navy are concerned, there is no specific provision of exemption or taxation for a seafarer or merchant navy under the Income Tax Act 1961. 

Indian seafarers salary 

Resident: The seafarer is paid remuneration in the form of salary by the employer company. The salary received by a resident seafarer will be taxed as per the laws of the income-tax department. No special exemption is offered. 

Non-Resident: If a crew member of a ship stays outside India for 183 days or more during the financial year (184 days or more in case of a leap year) as per his/ her CDS (Continuous Discharge Certificate) or passport, he/ she becomes a Non-Resident. A new section has been added to define the NRI status, which is effective from the Financial Year 2020-21. The salary of a Non-Resident seafarer won’t be included in the total taxable income of the seafarer. 

Since seafarers don’t file ITR anywhere in the world, it is important and beneficial for a seafarer to file an ITR in India. However, it is not mandatory under the Indian Income Tax Law.

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