Reliance NRI Equity Fund

Indian market is turning more bullish every day. There are many NRI investment options in India including mutual funds and equity stocks. Non-Resident Indians can invest in Reliance equity funds to get optimal returns. Reliance NRI Equity Fund is a mutual fund scheme that invests in stocks of high-growth companies in the BSE top 200 index. The fund is known for its spectacular performance in recent years. Reliance NRI equity fund has the freedom to invest in other stocks listed on the BSE Index. 

Reliance NRI Equity Fund
Reliance Equity Fund for NRIs

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Reliance NRI equity fund is an open-ended diversified equity scheme and aims to generate returns through investment in stocks of large and mid-cap companies listed in the top 200 companies of BSE. The mutual fund scheme can also invest in large IPOs of a broad range of companies. 

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Reliance NRI equity fund information

Inception16th November 2004
OptionsDividend, Growth and Bonus
Schemes– Reliance NRI Equity Fund – Direct Plan (D)
– Reliance NRI Equity Fund – Direct Plan (G)
– Reliance NRI Equity Fund – Direct Plan (B)
– Reliance NRI Equity Fund (D)
– Reliance NRI Equity Fund (G)
– Reliance NRI Equity Fund (B)
Minimum investmentINR 5000 and in multiples of Rs. 1 thereafter
Entry loadN/A
Exit load– 1% if mutual fund units are redeemed before the completion of one year from the date of allocation of them
– Nil if fund units are redeemed after 1 year from the date of purchasing them
SIPSystematic Investment Plan (SIP) is available for NRIs
Risk and target investorsRisk associated with this fund is moderately high, so the risk tolerance of the customers should be decent. This fund is suitable for investors who are looking for long-term capital growth through investment in equity or such instruments. 
BenchmarkS&P BSE 200 Index
RedemptionNRIs can place a redemption request to redeem mutual fund units. Generally, the fund provider takes around 3-4 days to process a redemption request and the maximum time limit is 10 days.
TaxationReturns of mutual fund schemes are tax-free if the fund is held for at least 1 year or more. However, you can get tax benefits for Reliance NRI mutual funds under section 80C ELSS. NRIs can contact SBNRI tax experts for the exact taxation process of mutual funds. 
Reliance NRI equity fund information

Key investment strategies

Reliance Equity Fund pursues the following strategies for substantial returns and higher growth. 

  •  Primarily invest in the top 200 companies listed on BSE Index to generate optimum returns. 
  • Investment in large IPOs to generate substantial returns and higher growth.  
  • Reliance Equity Fund invests in companies that have a major contribution to the growth of the Indian economy. 
  • Freedom to invest in a number of companies so as to maximize returns and minimize risk. 

Portfolio – Sector/ Top Holdings

Here are the top 10 stock holdings of Reliance NRI Equity Fund:

Stock invested inSector% of Total holdingType
HDFC Bank Ltd.Banking5.91%Equity
L&TEngineering & Capital Goods5.71%Equity
RelianceOil & Gas5.33%Equity
CumminsEngineering & Capital Goods4.58%Equity
Infosys Ltd.IT4.31%Equity
HCL Tech. Ltd.IT4.25%Equity
Tata MotorsAuto4.08%Equity
ICICI BankBanking4.02%Equity
BPCLOil & Gas3.94%Equity 
Top 10 stock holdings of Reliance Equity Fund

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Fund performance

AUMINR 89.01 cr
NAVRs. 24.988
Sharpe Ratio0.0014
Reliance Equity Fund Performance

What experts have to say

Reliance Equity Fund for NRIs is one of the best performing funds in India. It invests in stocks of large and mid-cap companies to minimize risk and increase returns. This fund is an ideal buy for investors who have a decent risk appetite and want to grow their money. You can invest in this fund to meet your long-term financial goals like a child’s education, buying house or retirement plans. 

This mutual fund is not suitable for other short-term lifestyle needs. SIP facility is available for investors to invest a minimum amount at a frequency and enjoy the benefits without worrying about a one-time payment burden. Investors shouldn’t have more than two mutual fund instruments in their portfolios at a time. 

How to apply for Reliance NRI Equity Fund

NRIs can apply for mutual funds both online and offline. If you are in India, you can visit any of Reliance Mutual Fund offices for the application and purchase of the mutual fund. You have to fill the application form and submit it along with the required documents. NRIs can buy mutual funds online on the official website of the Reliance Mutual Fund from the country of their residence. If you are an existing customer, use your credentials, else first generate a login id and password to purchase mutual funds.  

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