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How can an NRI invest in India?

answered on 22/03/2020

 An NRI can invest into all forms of businesses and other investment opportunities in India. We have made a list of the top opportunities for NRIs and how can they invest in India: 


How can NRI invest in India


How can NRI Invest in India

Fixed Deposit Bank Accounts
  • NRE/NRO/FCNR Account
Mutual Funds
  • NRE/NRO Account
Direct Equity
  • NRE/NRO Savings Account (for Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) Purpose)
  • Demat Account holding shares in electronic form
  • Securities Exchange Board Of India (SEBI) Trading Account with Registered Broker
Real Estate
  • NRE/NRO/FCNR Account
Bonds and Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs)
  • NRE/NRO Savings Account (Non-PIS)
Government Securities
  • NRE/NRO Account
Certificate of Deposits
  • NRO Account
National Pension Scheme (NPS)
  • Pan Card and NPS empanelled Bank Account 
Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)
  • NRE/NRO Savings Account (Non-PIS)
  • Dematerialized Account(Account holding stocks in an electronic form)


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Related Questions:

1. Can US NRI invest in Mutual Funds in India?

Yes NRIs from the USA can invest in Mutual Funds in India. To know more, click here.


2. Can NRI invest in Indian Stock Market?

Yes. NRIs can invest in Indian Stock Market. To know how, click here.


3. Who is an NRI?

An NRI or Non Resident Indian is an Indian Citizen living outside India for a minimum of 183 days in 1 financial year for the purpose of employment, business or vocation (occupation for which an individual is trained). 

Indian Citizens who have gone out or are staying abroad for some other purpose with an intention to stay outside India for an uncertain period (job or assignments where you don’t know when you will return to India) can also be termed as NRIs.


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