Most Played Sports In England

Sports can bring two distinct countries together. Because of the power of sports, even if you are from a different continent than the athlete, you will undoubtedly support them.

England’s history with sports is extensive. Numerous modern sports, including association football, cricket, tennis, and rugby, may be traced back to England. The Premier League, the most watched football league worldwide, is also based in England. Even though it appears like football is in everyone’s blood in England, other sports are also popular there.

This article will pique your interest if you’ve been wondering what the top sports are in England.

Here are the top 7 most played sports in England.


Most Played Sports In England. Image from DW
Most Played Sports In England. Image from DW

Football is by far the most popular sport in England. The game’s objective was to bring together English universities and schools. English people are football maniacs. The Premier League, which includes world-class squads like Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, and Manchester United, is the country’s top league. What is often known as soccer in other nations is English football.

Not only in England but with approximately 3.3 billion supporters, football is one of the most watched sports in the world.

Football’s leadership positions are increasingly filled by men, although overall, women are still not very active in this sport.


One of the most popular sports in England is cricket. Cricket is widely regarded as the national sport of England. The English national cricket team competes in test cricket, One Day Internationals, Twenty20 International games, and the Cricket World Cup because it is one of the 12 members of the International Cricket Council.

The popularity of women’s cricket extends beyond just the male population.


Tennis used to be a sport that was only played by the British aristocracy, but it is today one of the most popular games for people of all social classes. Tennis is the third-most popular sport in England. Despite the fact that there aren’t many tennis superstars from England, the game is still immensely popular and is the most widely watched individual sport in the nation. Wimbledon, one of the most renowned tennis tournaments in the world, is the main tennis event in England. Since it was founded in London in 1877, it has always been played there. 


When it comes to fan bases being split between England and Wales, rugby is one of the sports with the most established supporter bases. Rugby union, rugby league, and football are all descended from traditional British football games from the 19th century. Like soccer, they have many regional variances and friendly rivalries that tie them all together into a dual union. In 1871, rugby was formally codified. One of the top rugby union teams in the world is from England. It competes in the annual Six Nations Championship, the premier international rugby union competition in Europe, and it won the World Cup in 2003.


The fact that badminton is so accessible to beginners is the key factor contributing to its popularity in England. It can be intensely competitive and physically taxing, but it also has a lot of depth.

Badminton is another game with English roots, however, it was not developed in England proper but rather in British India as a variation of a more traditional English game with rackets.

At the Olympic Games in 2000 and 2004, England won medals in the badminton competition. The All-England Championships, a national competition, is held annually in Birmingham and draws many of the best athletes from around the globe.


Despite the fact that ice hockey is the indoor sport in England that draws the most fans, The English Ice Hockey League is one of the most well-known ice hockey leagues worldwide. It is the top ice hockey league in England. The “EIHL” has been the company’s name since its founding in 1892. Six teams from England, Scotland, and Wales compete in the EIHL. In England, ice hockey is a well-liked sport. Young and old, men and women, play it. The sport is renowned for its quick tempo, physicality, and demand for physical fitness.  Ice hockey can be played at any age with little to no prior expertise.


Most Played Sports In England. Image from BBC

England has a huge fan base for the sport of netball.  Many of the players—both men and women—are skilled professionals. Four hoops—two on each side of the field—have been installed for this game. There must be two 11-player teams with two goalkeepers. England Netball, which was established in 1926, is the national governing body for netball in the country. The national netball team, “The Vitality Roses,” is one of the most essential aspects of the sport that it oversees. More than 100,000 people participate in netball each week, including more than 180,000 women and girls.

Two teams compete in a game of catching, tossing, and hitting the ball while attempting to pass it between their goalposts for points. The aim of the game is to maintain the ball in play without having it intercepted by the opposing team. Each side has five players who alternately pass or toss the ball to their teammates while attempting to keep it out of the opponents’ hands.

These were the top 7 sports in England. Enjoy your reading!

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What is the national sport of England?

Cricket is considered the national sport although some consider Football as their national game.

What is the oldest sport in England?

Polo is considered the oldest sport in England. The first recorded tournament was in 600 B.C

Which sport originated in England?

Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, and Golf are the games that originated in England and play a major role nation’s culture.

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