Attada Sankaravinayaka asked on 11/01/2020

I previously opened PPF account in India now I am an NRI , now can I sent money to my PPF account ? Can I maintain any Saving account in India after became NRI? Can I Send money from NRE to saving account ?

answered on 11/09/2020

1. Yes you can continue to invest in your PPF Account after becoming an NRI on a non-repatriation basis. But you can only do so till its maturity (15 years). You can not extend the PPF account once it’s matured.


2. No sir. You can’t have a savings account in India after becoming an NRI. You need to convert your Resident Saving Accounts into NRO Bank Accounts or opt for a new NRI Bank Account (NRE, NRO or FCNR)


3. Yes you can send money from your NRE Account to other Resident Saving Accounts (of your Family, Friends etc.)



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