Rini Goel asked on 31/03/2020

What are the benefits of investing in PMS?

answered on 31/03/2020

 Portfolio Management Services (PMS) has various benefits. The prominent benefits of investing in PMS are:

  • Quality Portfolio: The basic knowledge of investment is essential when it comes to stocks. The major share of the market is held by companies that appear lucrative but tends to become long-term investments with low returns. A quality portfolio helps investors by selecting quality companies for investment and let’s you “Buy and Hold”. 
  • Independent Portfolio: The investments made through PMS are not dependent on the behavior of other investors. PMS has isolated individual holdings so one investor’s behavior doesn’t impact other investors investments. The best part about investing in PMS is that the stocks are bought in your name making you the owner which is not the case in investments such as mutual funds.
  • Online Top Up: You can always add more funds to your investments and that too online. For example if you have a portfolio of 1 crore, you can add another 50 lakhs to it using the online services, through your NRE/NRO bank accounts.
  • Transparency and Superior Returns: Investing in a Portfolio Management Service has high chances of superior returns as the funds are structurally invested into opportunities with a high yield capacity. Also, the Portfolio Manager (people responsible for handling your account)  makes sure that transparency is maintained between the investor and the investments. No investments or sell outs are carried out without informing the investor about the same.
  • Transparent Charge Structure: Unlike Mutual Funds, charges are transparent in PMS. The deductions and other charges are clearly mentioned in the statements provided to the investor.

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