Indian Banks in Canada

Currently two Indian banks have a physical presence in Canada – State Bank of India and ICICI Bank. While State Bank of India has six branches, ICICI Bank has an nine-branch operation in Canada. Both Indian banks service Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) as well as permanent residents and citizens of Canada. Here is the list of Indian banks in Canada along with their branches. 

Number of Branches of Indian Banks in Canada

Indian Banks in CanadaNumber of Branches
State Bank of India Canada6
ICICI Bank Canada 8
Indian Banks in Canada
Indian Banks in Canada
Indian Banks in Canada

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SBI Canada

SBI Canada was the first Indian bank to start operations in Canada in 1982. A wholly owned subsidiary of the State Bank of India, SBI Canada Bank is a Schedule II Canadian Bank listed under the Bank Act and is a member of Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation.

SBI Canada provides full-service banking to cater to the needs of its retail, commercial and corporate customers, including bank accounts, SBI NRI account, mobile banking application, fixed deposits, loans, mortgages, remittances, and a lot more.

SBI Canada Bank Branches

  • SBI Canada Toronto Branch 
  • SBI Canada Mississauga Branch
  • SBI Canada Scarborough Branch
  • SBI Canada Brampton Branch
  • SBI Canada Vancouver Branch
  • SBI Canada Surrey Branch

ICICI Bank Canada 

ICICI Bank Canada is a fully-owned subsidiary of ICICI Bank Limited. Established in December 2003 as a Schedule II Bank, ICICI Bank Canada is a full-service direct bank that provides a host of banking services to retail and corporate customers, including bank accounts, investments, student GIC program, mortgage, debit and credit cards, etc. 

ICICI Bank Canada Branches

ICICI Canada branches are located in the following cities and provinces in Canada:

  • ICICI Bank Canada Head Office (Toronto)
  • ICICI Bank Canada Calgary 
  • ICICI Bank Canada British Columbia
    • ICICI Bank Canada – Delta branch
    • ICICI Bank Canada – Surrey iLounge
  •  ICICI Bank Canada Ontario
    • ICICI Bank Canada – Brampton branch
    • ICICI Bank Canada – The Gore Road (Brampton)
    • ICICI Bank Canada – Mississauga
    • ICICI Bank Canada – Scarborough
    • ICICI Bank Canada – Malton iLounge

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