Australia Visa for Indians: Documents Required & Application

Australia is a great country for both work and tourism. It has incomparable natural beauty and abundant wildlife. One can swim, snorkel and dive in the Great Barrier Reef. One can see animals unique to Australia such as the Koala, the Kangaroo and the Platypus. One can also learn about aboriginal life and its history here. Australia is a land full of unique experiences. Today we are going to talk about the Australia visa for Indians. We will be specifically dealing with documents required for the Australia visas and the application procedure.

Australian Visa types for Indian Nationals

Living in Australia is all about the sun, sea and sand! It is a diverse country and home to many different cultures. Living in Australia is all about a good job, beautiful scenery and great weather. Australia is a place where people from all over the world come together to enjoy its many benefits and contribute to the nation’s advancement. When looking to immigrate to Australia, there are several different Australian visa types available, each with its own unique requirements and advantages.

Brazil Visa for Indians: Application & Documents Required

Brazilian culture today is a result of the coming together of indigenous Indians, Africans and the Portuguese. The language, main religion and customs are largely of Portuguese influence. Soccer is a major obsession in this country and is followed with great spirit. Today we are going to be talking about the application process and the documents required in order to apply for a Brazil visa for Indians.

Brazil Visa for Indians: Types, Eligibility & Fees

Brazil is known for its breathtaking beaches and waterfalls. Its annual carnival is famous worldwide for its vibrant, colorful and grandiose celebrations. Brazil has a global reputation for being a wonderful tourist spot. It is the quintessential place for outdoor activities. Today we will be explaining the Brazil visa for Indians. This article contains the various visa categories, the eligibility, processing times and fees. Our following article contains the required documents for each type of visa.

How NRIs can earn Rs. 3 lac monthly by investing Rs. 1 cr in India

Before I start anything I want NRI friends to know that this decade belongs to India, so feel it, embrace it. Till a few years ago, NRIs stayed away from investing in mutual funds, stocks, Pre-IPOs, Micro VC Funds, etc., due to lack of awareness and risk tolerance, and hence largely invested in traditional financial instruments that offered low returns, such as FDs, gold, real estate, etc.

Indonesia Visa on Arrival for Indians

Beaches, tropical forests, wildlife, excellent cuisine and elaborate temples are just a few aspects which draw such a large number of tourists to Indonesia. It is the largest archipelago and it is seated in both the Indian and Pacific Ocean. Indonesia has a rich historical past which has been kept alive to meet with modernity today. All of this adds up to make it an irresistible destination for travel that broadens horizons. Today we are going to be talking about the Indonesia visa on arrival for Indians. We will also be explaining the Indonesia visa requirements for Indian citizens.

Tourist Visa to India

India is truly a wonderful and eye opening place to visit. There are so many different types of cultures and experiences that one can be a part of here. The climate and terrain completely change as one goes across the country. There is a vibrant energy that expresses itself through colorful festivities, celebrations and joy. Many people apply for an Indian tourist visa each year. Today we will be talking about the Indian e-Tourist Visa (for 30 days/1 year/5 years) for international travelers who wish to visit India.
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